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Cabin in the woods for sale
Location: Johnson County bordering of Brown County, Nineveh Township
Parcel: 1/3 acre parcel next to 12 acre lake dam and largest naturalized common land areas
Man Cave Cabin:
*Concrete block 24x16 cabin that has been clad with wood siding-repainted 2015/20 year roof installed 2004
*No running water or septic<drinking water carried in- back packers portable toilet for biological needs>
*Electricity with base board heater-rather toasty in dead of winter
*48 feet long dock constructed in 2004
*Tool shed
*Bat Condominiums with 1,000 available units installed in 2010
Small Lake Association with 19 parcels on +- 10 acres fronting a 12 acre lake and a 3 acre pond.
Total area: 160 acres with +- 150 acres held in common through the not for profit association
Hunting/Fishing paradise
Land features:
*Common land is 95% wooded with steep slopes
*Wetland (1.5 acre) surrounded with meadow and tucked into surrounding woodlands and steeply sloped ravines
*Two lakes provide great fishing in crystal clear water-ice fishing outstanding
*Surrounding land is also steeply sloped and mostly wooded.
*Common areas provide great hunting grounds
$225/quarter association dues to maintain common facilities
*75,000 includes refrigerator, Troybuilt walk behind mower and johnboat (aluminum boat with wooded liner-needs some work)

If you have interest and would like more information please reply for a showing.

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Just kind of curious where this is. I live right in Nineveh, have for more than 20 years, and don't recall where this could be. I know of most the lakes and the conservation club, but I don't think that's where you are talking about.

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Directions to CHINKAPIN cabin

From Indianapolis, take I 65 south to the Edinburgh exit. (Highway 252) (After the Whiteland and Franklin exits)

Go West into town, and follow signs for 252. Proceed to intersection with Highway 31. Used car lot on the right&#8230;

At the light at Highway 31, go STRAIGHT (stop following 252)

Proceed past Camp Atterbury Army Base to the Nineveh four way stop. (about 10 minutes)

Note your odometer reading or, better yet, set it to zero.

Go "straight" 2.3 miles to "T" road to the south; Peoga Road. Just before Peoga Road you will see "Coy's Metal" shed on the right.

Turn left (south) on Peoga Road.

Go 1.8 miles. Just as the road does a 90 degree to the right, a green mailbox and a silver propane tank are in a neighbor's yard. Slow down.

Where Peoga Road makes that turn to the right at the green mailbox, you go left, between the brick piers and sign that says "Peoga Lakes, Members and Invited Guests Only".

Proceed on the main road (speed limit 17&#8230;.), across the bridge (pond on left), and go until the pavement ends. Our drive is the last one on the asphalt road. Our cabin is white with a green speckled roof.
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