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Fishing in St. Joseph County

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by J_Milovich1, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. I'm new to fishing. I was never taken fishing as a kid. I just kind of picked it up by myself. I love it. Does anyone have any tips for a amateur, like a good bait, rod and reel, and the best times to fish? Also, can someone tell me a good place to fish in St. Joseph County?

  2. Just depends on what your lookin to catch? The St Joe river is hard to beat!! But,, dont over look Potato Creek State Park,, or Chain O Lakes in Lydick either.. :fish::fish::fish:

  3. I've gone to the St. Joe river a couple times. I've used nightcrawlers and caught a small mouth and a small catfish. I've been to Potato Creek State Park a bunch of times thinking that I would have great luck out there and haven't even had a bite. Any tips for fishing in St. Joe River are appreciated.. thanks

  4. When you're just trying to learn "The Joe", you can't go wrong with a medium diving Bomber Model A in Fire Tiger. You want one that dives deeper than the water depth so it bangs off the bottom. The width of the bomber and the "nose down" attitude helps it to pop off snags and rocks instead of getting hung. If it does get hung frequently, clip off one of the three hooks on the front treble. Start below one of the many dams and just work your way down river casting to current breaks. Make a note of where you catch fish. Come back later to those same spots once you develop a little milk run with some plastics to clean up. Yammamato grubs in root beer and black/yellow 4" power worms are pretty effective plastic patterns. Sometimes the smallest breaks hold the biggest fish. You need current, though, avoid the areas right above dams that are stagnant, especially in the hot part of the summer, you'll find nothing there but carp.
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