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Fishing licenses? April 1?

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by goggleye57, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I read on another site that the new fishing licenses won't take effect until April 1, 2006. Does anyone know how that will work, will we need to keep our 2005 licenses another month?
  2. I read the same thing, but have not been able to verify the rumor... One of the guys from the Michigan site says his non-res fishing license is good thru March 31 also???

  3. Yes, hang onto them. If you buy 2006 licenses they will not be valid until April 1 and you will be in violation if you are not using the 2005 license.

  4. Michigan licenses have always expired on March 31, and I'm not sure, but I think you can buy them before that (in Feb.) and be legal with that license...meaning, I don't think you have to wait until Apr. 1 to buy a license to be legal.
  5. Michigan - Michigan - Michigan...LOL.LOL.LOL...I must admit my remarks were based on Illinois regs. as their licenses run until March 31 and the new license aren't legal until April 1.
  6. I was fishing in Evansville last week. A very nice DNR officer came by to chat for a few minutes. It was at that time that I realized the bag I had forgotten in Florida a couple weeks before was the same bag with my Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Floriday license in it. He wrote me a ticket of course. But he was very pleasant about it. He told me to mail him the ticket with a copy of my 2005 license or if I got a 2006 to mail him a copy of it. I didn't think much of it, and I wanted to take care of this situation as quickly as I could, so standing in Wally World the next day I said heck, give me a 2006 Fishing License. The lady behind the counter said that the state was going to move the expiration on 2005 back to March 31st. Instead of February 28th. And she said that the 2006 was not valid until April 1st. So that there was time to bring the new automated system online and get all things straight.

    I bought one anyway. And I sent it to Eric.

    I still don't have my bag back from Florida. I was going to wait and get it in the Spring when I go back down, luckily most of the tackle is salt water stuff anyway. But now I think I will at least have my license bag sent up here.

    So basically that is the rumor. Not sure what the real scoop is.

  7. Ok. I went online to Indiana DNR to see what went into replacing my 2005 license. You cannot do that online I was told. You have to call. So I called. The lady on the phone told me it was $3 to replace it. No problem. She then sked for some info... then she told me I didn't have a 2005 License. That was a problem. I mentioned having fished almost every day of 2005 and being checked on several occasions. She put me on hold. She got a little more info. While I had her on the phone I asked if it were true that the 2006 license would not be valid until April 1. She said yes that is true.

    She put me on hold again. When she came back on I asked what a person who wanted to fish now, but never had a license before would have to do? Purchase a 2005 and then in a month and a half purchase a 2006? She said yes. She still didn't find me in the system. She put me on hold.

    When she came back on she said " I have checked with my Law Enforcement Director, and he says that they are acknowledging the 2006 as valid now". So I should be fine with my 2006.

    There you have it. Clear as mud. But I am going under the assumption that I don't need to worry about tracking down my 05.

    We'll see.

  8. hopefully one our CO's will help us out
  9. Hopefully DNR man will see this and give us an answer. My loving,caring, and forgetful wife has washed my wallet for the fourth time this year, yesterday and I am trying to dry out my pile of liscenses again on the dryer. Hell,if I can just go buy it now that would be one less I would have to worry's not like it would'nt go to use.
  10. Hang on to your 2005 licenses. Even though they say they expire at the end of Feb. Fish and Wildlife has extended them to expire the end of March. All Officer's are honoring the 2005 or 2006 licenses right now.
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  11. Thanks for the clarification, dnrlawman.
  12. Definitely thanks DNR. Appreciate the response.

  13. War, which side do you hit the salt water? I'm leaving monday to try and latch on to some grouper or hit some of the early kings. Usually try to go about twice a year. Most of our fishing is out of New Pass or Big Pass out of Sarasota. Nothing like hooking up with a 30 inch red!
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  14. My parents live in St. Pete Beach, so the Gulf side mostly. I like to wade at Ft. DeSoto and there is a great charter out of Pass-A-Grille that I use for Grouper etc.

    I like to catch reds and all. But I personally like to nail Snook when I get the chance. Which has been about 1-2 times a year lately. Trying to talk my fishing club into heading down there, but with trips to Lake Erie, and Canada every year, Fl. get's shuffled down the list.

    Good Luck down there. I expect a full report when you get back. And I can't believe you are going right in the middle of the boat show. Don't you have an info kiosk to sit in?

  15. No info booth for me! Just sand and sun for the next two weeks. The charters are nice but expensive we head out on our own with big hopes and long list of GPS coordinates. I'll be checking the site on my laptop so I'll let you know how we do.