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Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by JL, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    Caught 34 crappies tonight, all on minnies. Here are the two biggest. My buddy is holding a 1lb. 10 oz. fish, and I am holding one that went 2 even! Great night!
  2. Sweet!!

    Nice Crappies, Coach. Did your buddy play baseball at Indiana Tech?

  3. [​IMG]

    What a beautiful evening! Dean, my buddy coached baseball at IT for a long time. He played at Huntington. His name is Mark Fleukinger; Scarlet Dew knows him.
  4. Nice fish James, I may have to come up and go fishing with you, Dean says we will go but you know Dean.
  5. Ph?

    I wasn't sure who that was holding the big Crappie, but then I saw the "PH" on the hat.....then I knew exactly who it was. :cheeky-sm
  6. Nice specs fellas, just got done cleaning our catch for the day... Pics later....

  7. See James, this is what I am talking about. Did you have to start out the year with a couple a hogs like that? Jeez. Next time consider the rest of us, we got feelings too ya know.
    Nice fish.
  8. Yeah, way to piss the rest of us off! Ya know how long its gonna take the rest of us to catch up. Seriously really nice fish.
  9. sweet lookin fish!!! Hope to catch something at least half that big in the near future... LOL

  10. Flick

    Tell your buddy Flick Mosbaugh from Sheridan says nice cathch. Flick was my Football coach at Sheridan High School.
  11. Boy, those are some toads!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably won't divulge the name of the lake........ Will Ya? Nice catch, it's gettin to be that time. I think this last blast of rain is gonna hurt me for a few days.
  12. If you ask me I think it is real crappy of the Coach not to let us in on the fun!!! Get it??:grouphug:
  13. I will tell you gentlemen that if you want to fish the lake I got these fish out of, you'll need a Michigan license.
  14. Who you calling gentlemen?????

    GENTLEMEN???? Are you guys going to take this??

    Hey Jaime, ask your Tech coach buddy if he remembers Ryan Geeting?