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Fishing Spots?

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I go to school at Ball State University and would like to know some good spots to fish. I will not have a boat so i will have to fish from the bank. I know of prairie creek and summit lake close by but would like to know if they are good for fishing on the bank. Any information would be wonderful.
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This is kind of a handy website for that sort of info.

You could also try calling some of the bait shops near those lakes.
Yeah i looked there before but it doesn't have any info Delware County or pretty much any of the surrounding counties.
I'm assuming you have a car. Get your camp gear packed up and head south on highway 3 until it crosses highway 53 in Rushville. Take 52 southeast to the town of Brookville. There it will bump into highway 101 north. Just out of town you'll see the Brookville dam. You can fish trout in the tailwater section, or you can go up the hill a little way and fish stripers, crappie and white bass off the rock face of the dam. A little further up the road is Mounds State Rec Area where you can camp for a nominal fee. It gets real good there when the water hits about 55 degrees, which should be in another two weeks, provided we get some rain. Anyway, I would recommend trying it from early June through the first half of December.

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How about Westwood?

Another suggestion: what about Westwood? It is just out of New Castle off of highway 38. Good fishing. Good hiking. Good camping. There is a lot of excellent shore fishing there, especially over in the campground area.;)

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I live in Muncie. Shoot me an email or PM. Telll me what you like to fish for. I fish alone all the time. Your welcome to take a seat in my boat sometime.

I have fished Prairie Creek for over 40 years, summit lake over 25 years. Westwood Run about 50 times and Brookville Lake for 8 years.

I'm far from being a great fisherman but, I do catch some nice fish from time to time. :)
THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP! i will have to try out some of those spots. As for you Bestshot i may have to take you up on that offer sometime. it is getting really busy at the end of the semester here so i dunno when i will be free.
That's ok Sauger13, a little later would be better anyway. The water really needs to warm about 10 more degrees.

I will be fishing 2 to 4 days a week (weather permitting) so let me know. When you wanna go, I'll send you my phone number so we can make arrangements.

I never have to worry about the ol woman, she is always ready to get rid of me for a day lol
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