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Fishing Strip Pits

Discussion in 'Southwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by GILL SLAYER, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have any idea if the gills are bitting down at green sullivan
  2. Treehugger is your man for that question. He lives down that way, and I think his father has been getting into them down there.

  3. Gill...I live about an hour north of Dad fishes the strip pits in our area, very similar to the pits at GSF. They have been tearing up the gills on small jigs and beemoths for about a month. Caching them in 6-8' feet of water fishing from the bank. I've been to GSF many times and it is one of my favorite areas to fish...anywhere!
  4. The Gills

    Thanks Treehugger for the news. My dad and I might be coming down to greensullivan next weekend. If you here any news between now and then let me know.