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Fishing Tournament

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by pigeonflier, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Dean was supposed to get this thread going, but we all know how writers are. Anyone interested in having a FUN day of fishing between us. Lets hear some input.
  2. I dont mind fishing in a tourny....that is if you all dont mind losing one.

  3. I'd be up for it. Speaking of fishing, i just want to say how much i appreciate this message board. I just recently joined another fishing board from Indiana, and some member sent me a warning like PM becuase i said the Eel river is full of nice smallmouth. Didnt name any locations or anything. Needless to say i wont be back there. Im glad we dont have that kind of garbage here.:)
  4. I would be open to fish with a group from here. Ok,there's one or two guys I wouldn't mind seeing slip and fall into the water.

    Brad, I completely agree with you, the Eel River is a pretty good small mouth river, I used to live near the river in Roann, and spent countless hours fishing the Eel while I was at Manchester College. If you know of any hot spots on the Eel for cats, please fill me in, some how they elude me there. You live close to the Eel?
  5. Hey if it going to be between you and Dean, I would have to be there to.
  6. So I take it we should all wear our trunks and leave the wallet in the truck??? I would try to make it to one of those just to put faces w/ the names and see ppl get dunked. :evil:


  7. Just hope Dean doesn't show up in a speedo.
  8. I hope BO doesn't show up in a speedo!:bloos:
  9. Say no to crack!
  10. That reminds me to pull up my pants... Not to mention all them dipshits that walk around town w/ there pants down around there knee's, or close there. Jeesh what is up with that???

  11. i'm game for a day or night of fishing.where we gonna do it and when?
  12. Time and place. Don't hate when I take home the trophy and beer. (Miller lite please!!!!):fish2:
  13. Quail, i live in Logansport, it takes me maybe 5 minutes to get to the river. When the river is in good shape the smallmouth fishing can be awesome. I have only fished the Eel here in cass county, most of my cats come below the dam in downtown logan, by the generating plant. There are a lot of channels in there and some nice flatheads. The spots not exactly a great secret, a lot of people fish there but you will always catch fish there. I took a 19 pound flathead last summer on a creek chub. The wabash runs through here too, although i dont fish it as much as i used to. 2 years ago i got my biggest flathead ever out of the Wabash west of Logan, river was flooded at the time and i decided to fish a small creek that enters into the river. In 30 minutes i hit an 8 pounder, and the bigger one of 38 pounds.
  14. Fellas, do we want to do this before or after turkey season? We could go boaters and non boaters pairing up. I would be open to anything. I think we initially talked about maybe doing it on Chain O Lakes. Is that cool with you guys or not? Let's make sure we don't schedule this the same day we golf!