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Fishing trip Plans???

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by goggleye57, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Interested to know if you guys have summer fishing trip plans???? Just last night I finalized a summer trip - A two week surf fishing odyssey. Week one - Surf fishing on the gulf of Mexico south of Venice, Florida- Pompano, snook, whiting, rays, and sharks. Week two - North Carolina outer banks - Peak season - pompano-bluefish-redfish-spanish mackerel-blue crabs:biggrin:
  2. Going to Florida for 2 weeks in Mid-July. Will be doing a group fishing charter for sure 1 day catching Gray Snapper and who knows what else in the Gulf of Mexico - kids love this! Also going to do a day of fishing with a guide in a flats boat in the Gulf of Mexico backwaters fishing for Snook, Trout, etc.

  3. Just some Erie trips to fish with a buddy over there. Probably start going over there in a couple weekends for some early walleye action.

    I'll be in Florida in late June. Might be able to get a line wet while I'm down there.
  4. One week in Canada in early July. Planning on a few trips to Webster for some muskies as well...:evilsmile
  5. Muskies with could I have forgottent that!!!! :help:
  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    One week in Canada the second week of June...a trip I've made over 20 years.
  7. I see how it is, my boat's taken apart, so now you're jumping ship to hook up with James???
    I felt having you fish for muskies out of my boat would ensure the carpet stays nice and clean. No worries about muskie slime hittin' the deck.
  8. Besides tournaments every other weekend probably erie for some walleye and im sure we will make 3 or 4 trips to St. Clair for smallies.
  9. Well lets see what some of my plans are going to be. First I got to start setting the trips up. These are not in any order. Here we got fishing with Quail, Side Slapper (a lot), James, Scott, Dean, Fins and Grins, Mark, tree, rookie, Dew (maybe), Super_Mag, angler 103, tine lock, big eight, maybe this would be easier planning on fishing with everyone on the site that I can, just give me a call.
  10. I'll let you know when I get back and the pics are posted.
  11. Catch a shark.....

    Is there a salt water bracket in the you could really score some points!!!!!!:cwm27: :fish: :fish: :fish:
  12. Brew - you are a thinking kind of a guy! That does bring up an interesting question for the challenge - How many points is a shark? Should man-eating types score more than smaller safer species?:biggrin:
  13. I think we are going to stick to freshwater. Might be kind of crappy, but thats gonna be my ruling.
  14. Opening weekend of Spring Turkey season will be spent in a 18' Carolina Skiff in the Estero Bay (southern Ft. Myers...) after monster redfish and sheepshead. May 15th will be a return trip for more of the same. Except this time I have an excursion with some grouper set up too. Alot of time (again) spent on Webster this spring, before the lily pads come up. Who knows from there???????? If James ever asks me to go fishing again........