Florida Trip

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by LoveHunting, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. hey everyone,
    just got back from my trip to florida...caught about 40 crappie a day while i was down there. Caught a seven and a half and a seven pound bass as well. the weather was just beautiful...85 and sunny everyday...caught some real nice fish...i have pics, but i'm not real sure how to put them on here...i'm sure someone could help me out. Thanks
  2. Congrats on the nice fish!!!

    (e-mail the pics to me.)

  3. Nice job. Its seems like when people talk about Florida the first thing that comes to mind is bass fishing but There are some huge crappie in thoses lakes. Can't wait to see the pics.
  4. oh ya...the crappie fishing is spectacular on lake kissimmee...i e-mailed the pics to treehugger so when he gets a chance you should get to see some pics
  5. Pictures?

    Hey LoveHunting, could you forward a picture to Randy for me??

  6. Florida Pics

    Here are LoveHunting's Florida fishing pics.....Congrats!!!




  7. Dude get that measure fixed there is no way in hell that that crappie is only 15 3/4" Maybe aroung but not long. Unless you are a midget! That thing has got to be closer to 18" That is a slobasourus!! Awesome fish did ya eat em' yet?
  8. that's all it was...we took the picture to make it look bigger. i don't know if we ate it yet but i gurantee that it's frozen in the freezer. that morning we got 7 pints of fish...grandpa's been down there for 2 months and fishes everyday so you can imagine how much fish we have!