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  1. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with using any clover blends for a food plot. I have 5 acres I am going to plant either next year or the year after. Did you use Biologic, Tecemate, etc?
  2. I highly recommend Tecomate and Imperial products...both are very good.

  3. Do you use any kind of dressing on them, Dean? Ranch maybe?
  4. I planted Tecomate Monster Mix this spring and it looks great. I planted Imperial Whitetail clover this fall and the deer have been feeding on it for 1 month. Please realize though that this year was excellent for growing clover plots.
  5. No, but I marinate the loins in a special blend at times...sometimes wrap them in bacon too.
  6. Doesn't the Monster Mix have a type of Chicory in it Scott? How have the deer liked it on your property????
  7. clovers

    I have went to a red clover called renegade and the deer love it. I used the imperial brand in the past and found the deer love it, love it to the point of killing it within five years. The renegade strain has lasted more than five years and is still over 18% protein.

    I am not putting down any brand of clover mix but a deer can only process 18% protein, anything over that goes out the other end. I have changed to local clovers and see no difference.
  8. When I get the soil ready, is it a good Idea to plant an annual first, to allow the lime time to raise the PH? I haven't done a soil sample yet, but I'm sure it'll need lime and fertilizer
  9. Like you said the decision to plant a "place holder" crop would depend on how bad your pH is and if your soil needs to be built up with organic matter. Couple good crops to plant are buckwheat and feild rye, (not rye grass). Plant the buckwheat in the spring and till under before it goes to seed. If you plant around May you should be able to till under around early to mid August, treat your fields with round up ( if needed) and plant your rye around Labor day to mid September for a huntable plot then the following year put in your clover blends. Planting the buckwheat/rye combo gives something for the deer to munch on while your lime is working and also blocks out the light and space to reduce weed numbers in your plots when you are ready to plant your perennials. Best way to get weeds out of a lawn is to have a thicker lawn, same idea applies. Get your pH test and let us know how it goes.

  10. Thanks for everyones input. Edj, you seem to know what you're talking about, so I'll PM you when I find out what the pH is if you don't mind. The field allready has fescue and Lespadeza in it. And I'm sure there's some other stuff mixed in there.
  11. Fescue is worthless unless you are trying to control soil erosion via a waterway or something.
  12. Tell me about always seems like I play out of it 90% of the time on the golf course.
  13. First you're out hunting birds during deer season and now I find out you're a golfer too. Your really starting to concern me on what kind of outdoorsman you are. Better get that big buck this weekend to bring your reputation back up a little.
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    Sounds like a great idea!
  15. Landon, Get a soil test done before you do anything else. You should know exactly what the pH is before you even worry about what to put in, etc. etc. A pelletized lime will work into the soil faster than the regular powdered stuff. Who knows, you may find that pH is fine already...but will probably need some tweaking. It's probably too late in the season to plant anything now (don't know how far south you are), but knowing what the pH and fertilizer needs are will allow you to get a jump start on the plot for next spring.