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For my 1,000th post...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by anon782010, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. I was trying to think of something really clever to do for my 1,000th post, being unemployed and everything, you can burn through those posts really quick. So here is what I can up with. I wanted to start a thread for everyone to say something NICE about our resident...ummm...well, our own Dean Weimer.

    Even if he was mean to me in the chat, for all the crap he takes, I think we should give him at least one thread.

    So for real guys, what is something you LIKE about dean?

    Me, I like that the guys knows what he is talkin about when he posts something. Nothing halfassed by dean, if there are numbers to back it up they are there, if there aren't, the man isn't posting. He takes it seriously, and only asks that other do the same. So thanks for that dean.
  2. He's just an all around nice guy.:)

    How'd I do?

  3. I thought for sure you would go with something like, "he's nowhere close to the fat bald troll you guys had me picturing him as", but all around nice guy works too. haha
  4. kudos to you trent for doing something nice for ol deano...

    to you I need a hobby...1000 posts?? yup, time to take up tennis...

    to the mean dean machine I say this

    There are a few people on this site you can always count on to be there when you need em. Whether it be info, advice or a nice dose of self deprecating humor when you need a laugh. Dean is one of those people. He's always quick to help...and just as quick to call somebody out when they are talking out their backside, we need both. :grouphug::grouphug:

    and he maintains a surprisingly upbeat attitude for someone who lives in freakin Garrett. I don't know how you do it dean. I've been to G-Rot and it ain't pretty haha. I'd still rather live their than Fort Wayne haha...

    Thanks Deano

    NOW BACK TO THE BASHING!!!! :bash::bash::bash:
  5. all i can say is DEANS THE MAN , a great guy and even better friend even thou he is mad at me right now damn you scott!!!!
  6. I would say he is an excellent deer hunter, and very modest about it. He's a good writer, also. Proud to call him my friend (even if he is completely insane).
  7. uuuuhhhh uuuummm eeerrrrr what i'd like to say is uuuuuhhh uuuuummmm well i can't think of anything right now. i'll be back later.
  8. 1,000 posts in 4 months........WOW!
  9. unemployment is a terrible thing...
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. ...ahem, good information! It is a pleasure to read his insightful posts that are full of relevent information.
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  12. He's good for a chuckle, and I must thank him for letting me know about this site. Without him I wouldn't have known this, or any other type of forum existed and I have met some wonderful people on here and a few friends.

    Dean, all is in fun

    Fins & Grins, Weimer isn't that thin skinned, he's not upset. BTW Tom won his first match and then lost the next 2 to end up in 6th. Not a great weekend, but it was mat time. Went after yotes Sunday morning by myself, zip (did flush 3 pheasants and jumped 1 rabbit).
  13. When I was a newbie on here, Dean along with several others made me feel right at home. Even though we had never met yet, he was very helpful with a couple of questions I had. A couple of E-mails and some research on Dean's part and my questions were answered. This is in addition to the mostly useful information he posts.