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For Pigeon

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by commando, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. A few pics from up north on the Big M. for ya




  2. thats awesome...never done anything like that...looks like a great time...

  3. We go for a week every year.Its a great little get away guy trip.
  4. Where do you go? I've made a few fall trips up there and have great memories of them all. I may have to dig up my old pics and post a few on here...although you guys probably won't recognize me...LOL LOL
  5. We love it up North!
    Try to get up there as much as possible through out the year...
    Great Pics!
  6. We stay in Mesick at a camp ground,not many people there that time of year.We fish down by tippy Dam on the Big M.We have fished all over the area.Its a great time just to get away for a week.
  7. Wow...............Quite impressive
  8. Great trip - great fish! thanks for sharing :)
  9. Nice looking part of God's country
  10. hey chris did your boy catch all those for you!!!!!!!

  11. I've fished and stayed at Muskegon - once, Allegan Dam - once, Croton Dam in Newaygo - twice, and Little Fawn Campground in or near Baldwin - once or twice. There are not too many things that can compare with Salmon fishing in mid-October in Michigan. 3-4 of us would rent an RV and take off late on a Thursday evening and drive all night to be ready to start fishing first thing Friday morning. We would hit it hard for 3 days and head back late Sunday afternoon and roll into home around midnight. Made for a rough Monday morning but it was worth it. We would take most of our food with us from home - deer burgers & deer chops for grillin' out, veggie soup, baked beef tongue (really, does it get any better?), and an iced down keg of our favorite beverage. I can almost hear the yell of FISH ON! now...and the smell of all the campfires burning. Anybody ready for a fishing trip???
  12. Treehugger We will be going the first week in Oct. See ya there.
    Mike aka(Jerry) Nick doesnt really go ever since he had a girl friend.I cant find the pic of his steelie but here is his king,mind you he is about 6'5 now so its a old pic.

    And here is a pic for you Jerry aka (Mike)I didnt see it in your den.

    And this is what made your pic look a lot like our trips pigeion.

    And a new guys first trip.Does he look happy?
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  13. What a handsome, dashing, and brilliant looking lad right there. I mean the ladies were obviously drooling over this one. This is what we call here in N. Indiana "a real stud".

    And, the fellow holding the pronghorn isn't bad either. Who is that young man right there?