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found ice

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by psychobubba, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. bass lake one end open ??? I went out was by myself ,so went out till ice got to 1 1/2 in went back to 2 in fished for a few didn't get nothing .but got to walk on water drill some holes will be back out this weekend

  2. Bubba,we have ice my way, 2-2.5 as of yesterday. Should be making some more today/tonight. Sure feels good to be on the hard stuff again doesn't it? Which bass lake is this one?

  3. Just wondering, thought you were in my neck of the woods for a minute there that's all. Good luck this weekend.
  4. Hey, Bubba, I drive by Bass Lake every day. Looks like a gem. I found about four inches tonight a little bit north of where you were at. No fish to speak of, but the ice was poppin', so it's definitely makin' right now.
  5. Good Deal - glad you got out on the ice. How about silver lake on the south side of US 20?
  6. Most of Silver is still open. The wind won't seem to let that lake get locked up.
  7. At least you were able to get bubba. No ice down here yet. Good luck this weekend.
  8. some ponds around indy area have up to 1 inch, but many others have no ice at all. Hopefully i'll be on some hard water by next tuesday, the forecast is calling for single digit lows by the end of the weekend!
  9. Tomorrow HI;29 LO; 18
    Jan 27Flurries Sunday HI; 22 LO; 8
    Jan 28Flurries Monday HI; 19 LO; 8
    Jan 29Flurries Tuesday HI; 24 LO; 10
    Jan 30Flurries WednesdayHI; 24 LO; 10
    Jan 31PM Snow

    looking good FOR ICE
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    Here is a Link to some nice fish from the ICE

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