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Free mount to team deer contest winner?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by dirtyq, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Anybody else in favor of chipping in $10 each ($350) toward a free mount to the winner of the team big buck contest. Or one of the fine :bowdown: jack of all trades site members could sponsor a mount at cost. The team that wins could chose which member gets the mount. Just a thought.
  2. where do I send the check?

    Considering I am going to shoot the biggest buck, I'm all in.;)

  3. This Is not a BIG BUCK are cornfused:coco: !!!!!
  4. Why don't we just keep the contest for fun with no money. I'll pay for my own shoulder mount. It is nice for you to offer to pay for my mount though.:evil:
  5. Just a thought what if you guys did the big buck mount as a bonus.It doesn't matter what team wins the contest just the person that shoots the biggest buck out of any team gets the free mount? Or that may be what dirty was trying to get to.
  6. I like the idea that the winning team could choose who gets it. I am in if everyone else is in.
  7. I'm with DEC on this one.
  8. I did mis-speak, I didn't mean big buck contest. That is why I mentioned the team winning could decide. My mistake. Probably too close to season to arrange anyway. Just a thought. Later
  9. Thats a nice idea but i don't have a 10 to spare.
  10. Rowdy


    Oldbuckkiller said he would mount it for $40.00.
  11. WOW what a deal give me OBK's # :biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. If we could do it for as cheap as 40 dollars I think it sounds good. Free shoulder mount to the biggest buck, or to the buck that gets the most votes?
  13. Rowdy


    I was kidding fellas.