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Lake Freeman

Hey Camo..

I live in Galveston and I fish Freeman (and Shafer) probably 6 or 7 times a season. Freeman can be a great place to catch bass or it can be a real challenge. :mad: I have won quite a few tournaments there and then again.. I have been completely SHUT OUT!!!:fish:

For the most part, I have done quite well pier fishing with medium diving crankbaits in either Tennessee Shad and Crawdad patterns. I like to make casts all the way to the seawalls and then crank the lure back in with a variation of "stop and go" retrieves. Many times the hit will occurr when the lure is stopped.

I have also had tremendous success skipping 4" plastic worms or tubes under the piers on sunny days.

You can normally catch numbers of bass while cranking along the riprap by the dam and on main lake points.

Freeman can be a numbers lake... I have had tournaments where I caught 20-30 bass but NO KEEPERS.:dizzy: Maybe the next trip up there will be day when I catch 10 or 12 quality bass.:)

Bud Fields
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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