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Fresh Big Shed!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Noblebowhunter, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. I had something happen this mornign i will never see again i am sure. I was coyote hunting this morning in my area and saw a group of about 20 deer running for the road... In the pack i see a real nice buck with only one half of his rack left. Im thinkin to myself man i have got to go shed hunting to hopefully find his other half.... or maybe it was just broke like that and he is not ready to shed yet.... I would soon find out [​IMG] As he approaches the road he hits a steep embankment... He is now a "doe" and the hog shed is lying right in the middle of the road!! I actually seen it fall off. I lay my gun down.. take off sprintin (turtle style) for the road. NOO!! here comes a car and i mean this thing is splittin the yellow line. I leap(so i thought) over the fence.. rip my pants clear to my knees ... slip in the road almost got hit by the lady in the car who in the process thought i was an astranged prison escapee im sure.... BUT!!! ..... she straddled it !!! YESSSS!! I now have my biggest shed ever i believe . 7 scorable points with 2 others at the base of his beam. 2 brow tines (not split..actually 2) and a nice but broken kicker coming off of the base of the G3. I will try to get to solo's so he can get a pic and put it on her for you all to see.
  2. Awesome story, Noble! Glad the shed wasn't damaged. Can't wait to see the pics.

  3. That is the single best story I have ever heard about shed hunting. Ever, still laughing...thats awesome...
  4. hahahahahahahah
    He didn't say "oh are you ok??" or "You didn't rip anything else when you ripped your pants did ya?" I'm sure he appreciates your caring nature JL hahahaa

    He went straight to the shed being alright. Thats a great story brother!!!
  5. hope you find the match to it , great story
  6. Hey pigeon...

    Shed hunters :coco: ,huh?

    Glad you escaped death from the oncoming car. LOL, was a good story.
  7. Indeed a great story. I still love fullrut's story on the contest thread. I find it amazing he has the matching set. Good luck finding the other side. I can't wait to see the pics. Any luck with the coyotes?
  8. Sweet! Get those pics on here! Hope the clothing will recover!;)
  9. Great story...............would have made a heck of a hunting video!!!!!!
  10. Man, I thought the rest of us were the only antler worshippers on this site.....this guy straddles death for a fresh shed. AND, he, shreads, his breeches in the process. That is dedication right there folks. I think it's time that Noblehunter takes the oath. What a display of pure and unadaulterated (What does that word mean J.L?) passion for bone.

    I think I speak for the rest of the clan here in saying WHERE IS THE PICTURE OF THE DARN THING!!!???
  11. I second deano

    pics please
    after you get your pants fixed of course
  12. Go ahead and just post the pics on the Shed contest thread in the whitetail forum. Ill rack you up with some points and get you on the board.
  13. WOW Noble, would have loved to been there and seen this. Great job can't wait to see the shed. Way to go man.
  14. yes guys i promise pics will come this week. just now got home from yote hunting been out since daylight. 45lb. female at the tax. now. I never found the other side to that shed i searched the trails and the beds i thought they come out of but nothin. I plan on goin out this week maybe a couple nights to check my main deer ground to see if i cant pick a couple up.
  15. That's quite a story and I hope you find the missing side. Good luck with the Coyote Hunting!