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Friday Bar

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DEC, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. You know what we need on here? We need a Friday only bar. Open the thread on Fridays only. A place where we can pick on Marsh (or anyone else for that matter). Sticky it to the top, lock it down on off days, and let everyone have at it on Fridays. Soda pop for the yougin's (again Marsh).

    Who's up for it?

  2. First things first...Tine Lock is the only one I know for sure would have to drink soda...

    second, well, there is no second, cuz, you are just a big meany man, and i'm gonna tell on you...haha

    Friday Open Bar....i like bar for some would be better though...

  3. Great idea DEC! Be just like going to the local pub on Friday. I'll buy the first round, hot wings for everyone! I get first game on the pool table.
  4. Sounds good to me DEC. Besides, allow me to have a few Beam and diets and I'll have this FUDD thing figured out and make some sense!
  5. Bar trivia!

    For those golfers out there....there are 3 things common on most golf courses you will never see at Augusta. What are they?
  6. Crapper
  7. We need a business plan, with some RULES.

    1) We need to hire some HOT waitresses!

    2) But, we have to keep it clean, minors are welcome. Just can't have any beer without the word Root in front of it.

    3) Pigeon has to keep his shirt on!

    4) Cash only. We don't need Mr. Tax man knowing how rich we are all getting off this plan.

    5) Just have fun ... and pick on Marsh.:evil:
  8. women ??
    pars ??
    golf carts ??
  9. Wilson irons
    Knight wedges
    used golf balls...
  10. At least I make it easy for all of you...:banghead3
  11. Boilermakers for everyone (shot of turkey101 and a bud).:dizzy:
  12. Tone it down on the juke box guys...I can't hear Scott and Dean arguing and 410 can't hear Hillary bad mouthing Obama on CNN!!!
  13. Now that is a good one!:hide:
  14. We'll need a kitchen with a deep fryer so we can fry up some fish if we want 410 to drop in.
  15. Before we all head out we have to do a round of Alabama Slammers :yikes: