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Friends and Fish

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by 410, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. WOW just setting here this morning and was reading the threads and gang we are the number one site for friends and YES big fish.:fish:
    As spring is here and the fishing has been getting good, lets post on this thread about fishing with friends and the gang on this site and OH Yes post or tell us all about the fish that are being landed. Tell about the lake you were fishing and some of the good:) and crazy things:dizzy: that happen on the trip. Again I think this is the number one site and just think of all the friends you and I have meet. WOW
    Example: Was at bubba house Wednesday and saw that 31 inch huge WALLEYE and what a nice fish and WOW I am glad to say what great friends bubba and OH YES has wife is and if it wasn't for this site I may never would have meet Bubba:bowdown: :bowdown: and all of the other gang. THIS IS THE #1 HUNTING/FISHING AND FRIEND SITE.:grouphug:
  2. Couldn't agree more. There are alot of great people on this site. Not to mention some very successful outdoorsmen!

    Now, I just need to go fishing so I have a good story...

  3. Its way out of hand. Competitiors from other teams take my spot on fishing trips, then they come to MY HOUSE and fish MY POND while I'm at work just to beat my team. Out of control I tell you! Then I have this teammate who lives on a lake and he hasn't even checked in a fish yet! Yet he is trash talking all other teams and getting them all worked up so they call us names, like Cadbury Eggs. Enough to make a grown man cry! Then the peer pressure is so intense that Weimer checks in one of his fathead minnows as a crappie just to get on the board. And fishing used to be fun.......
  4. Only thing guys from this site have done for me is come to my house, drink my keg beer, spill beer on the floor, ask to dispose of said beer in sump pit, throw foam hats into my basketball hoop, and ogle at my wife and her friends! :hide: :biggrin: :16suspect

    GREAT group of guys here...:grouphug:
  5. Awwww you do love us Mr. Stallion ;) Who spilled beer? LMAO!
  6. Good friends+good fishin+good beer= one of life's little rewards.
  7. I didn't even mention the part about trying to kiss me in public Fuzzy...:shhh: :lol: :coco:
  8. :whistle:

    Not sure what he's talking about ...
  9. I've got a great fishin buddy, we'll be goin out soon Im sure. We've known
    each other since the 4th grade and Im not in as bad a shape as Dan (the guy in the wheelchair) but hiking to fishin spots is out. So we go on his
    boat, Him, his dad and me. We have caught every kind of fish within 100
    miles of here. I couldn't ask for a better friend.
  10. Actually, these jackals are overrated, Stallion. Hey, how's 'bout you hosting a free lunch at the Stallaggio?? Perhaps your wife could bring her friends along?:hide:
  11. dean you scavenger he was our friend first!! :rant:

    that being said, when is this free lunch THE STALLION!!!?

    sign me up...dean you can ride up with me
  12. STALLION! YOU and JONSIE set me got it ALL wrong....YOU tried to KISS ME and Jonsie snapped the pic! LOL...I hadn't drank that much............................(I think) LMAO! GAWD was that a good time! Can't wait for the next BS session at the Stallagio Keg! OHH yeah, you was puckerd too!!!!!!!!! I'm thinkin in this picture, you wer gunna try to slip me the TONGUE! LOL!
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  13. LMAO...

    I think that is actually me starting to throw up in my own mouth Fuzzy....:sick:

    Do you guys see the young lady in the left corner of the picture....her nose was "too big" for the Fuzz Man! :rolleyes: :evil: His standards were WAY to high for the rest of that crew! :bowdown:

    Sorry Art....we've completely high-jacked this thread!
  14. Her nose was not too big for any of our standards. I think we all agreed that that nose would come in pretty handy ... :yikes:

    I'm going to have nightmares now looking at Fuzz and Jon in that embrace. It was bad enough to witness it live in person, but now to look at it in Techni Color ... oh man ... [​IMG]