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NMLRA (National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association)

Walter Cline Range, Friendship, Indiana

Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 8 AM EDT


Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

$30.00 Registration. Medals for 5 places. Apex Hunter side match after main match 20.00, winner take all.
Practice period 0800-0900, Shooter Meeting at 0930
15 lb. weight limit as shot. Rifles will be weighed at registration.
Any sight- open-peep-scope.
Black Powder or black powder substitute, Maximum Allowed by Powder or Rifle Manufacturer. No Smokeless Powder
Front and rear rest allowed, must be separate. (No lead sled type rests)
Course of fire main match:
15 shots for score.
Spotters Allowed.
5 full size Silhouette animals at 300 Meters, 385 Meters, and 500 yards.
3 sighter shots at each yard line.
18 minutes per scoring relay.
APEX HUNTER Match Course of fire
No Spotter allowed.
Yardage and Target announced at shoot
Limited to first 20 shooters
Questions? call Bob Wetzler @ 812-689-6629 or email [email protected]
Match Director reserves the right to make any changes to rules, course of fire, or safety concerns as deemed necessary.
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