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Frog Gigging

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Anybody do this and what is your weapon?? FROG LEGS what a treat!!!
  2. I used to gig frogs years ago, and I used a broom handle with a four-tined spear. I know some states regulate the width of the spear; I'm not sure if IN is one of them. The last few years, I've been fishing for them, and it is a lot more fun. I usually go up into the shallows where there are thick grass mats. The bullfrogs lay on top of these mats. I cast an unweighted 3" grub and drag it across the grass. The frogs come running across the mat of grass to get the grub. It's funny to see the tail hanging out of the frog's mouth when they eat it! Wham, set the hook and drag 'em in. I've gotten some nice messes doing this.

  3. I've caught some nice sized frogs on spinner baits the same way JL.
  4. Long handle with spear on the end. Haven't gigged for several years but really enjoyed it back when. They are very tasty too! I've heard of people shooting them with .22's but don't think it is legal, safe, or a very smart thing to do. I have also caught a few frogs on rubber frogs skimming them across the moss mats...have caught a few snakes on the rubber frogs too!
  5. Frog season and regs

    Frogs can be taken from June 15 through April 30 with a bag limit of 25. Frogs may be taken with a gig or spear with a head not more than 3 inches in width and a single row of tines, long bow and arrow, club, hands alone, or pole and hand line with not more than one hook or artificial lure attached. Firearms are restricted to .22 caliber loaded with bird shot only.
  6. When I use to frog hunt I either use a gig or use my 20 ft cane pole and put a 2 to 3 ft piece of heavy fishing line on it and a #10 gold hook they I would put a piece of red riddon on the hook and the frogs would take the ribbon every time. When you got one on (We use a 14 ft jon boat one guy in the front and one in the back) you just swing it around and the other guy would take it off.
  7. i love to frog gig. very tasty too. i've tried it every way. i've even caught them bare handed when they'll sit that tight. very fun to take a kid along. i have used firearms but wouldn't recommend it. not very sporting i don't think and could be dangerous at night.
  8. We would use a high powered pellet gun just make sure ya get that head shot.Id like to try this out sometime in this vid
  9. Went last week , 4 of us got a nice mess of BIG FROGS!! there was a lot of little ones though, that we let pass.. one guy brought a 22 with bird shot and I thought it was a blast!!( never been with a 22 before, but it was fun)