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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. We all practice shooting our bows before deer season. Has anyone been practicing giggin'? Frog season starts June 15th....anyone going to be doing any froggin' this summer??? I heard some big croakers this past weekend.
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  2. ccavacini

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    Those familiar with Lake George and the Mill Pond. Went back there one morning Bass fishing and heard quite a few big bullfrogs....thinking about going back at night with a light and gigging some.

    Brings back memories--when I was a kid, my uncle had a cottage on Crooked Lake (third basin) We would go out at night, shine them, and shoot them with a 22 (today, I'd be handcuffed). Tried to use bb guns on them, but the big ones would just wipe the shot away.
    Also, caught quite a few with my hands....shine them, move in real slowly, not blocking the light, and pin them down...(that's when my reflexes were quicker).

    I also caught them from a boat just tossing a worm at them...they'd latch on and I could bring them back to the boat before they realized what happened and let go.

  3. is still legal to use a .22 but check the reg.'s for full details. I have caught them on worms and rubber frogs before. I had a blast going after them when I was growing up. I'm going to take my girls out this summer and give it a try.
  4. Got some biggies here!!!! The gigs are sharp and ready to go!
  5. I used to go giggin' quite a bit when I was younger. Now, my best spots are a little bit deeper, and it seems like the frogs get off the gig easily, so I take a long 1 1/4" dowel rod and just whack 'em over the head with it....just like grandad used to do. I also enjoy fishing for them on top of the weed mats. Rig a 3" grub texas style and drag it across the mat. The frogs will come running across the weeds to eat's hilarious to watch!
  6. :cwm27: ....I'm laughing thinking about trying to whack those frogs with a dowel rod...I've caught snakes doing the same thing JL with dragging baits across the weed those are fun to take off the hook. :yikes:
  7. For the first time in a long time, I will not be froggin on the first weekend that it opens. We will be on a snapping turtle mission. Just hope that I come back with all of my fingers!
  8. Knee Deep in froglegs Y'all!!!!

    I love froggin' but my giggin' buddy just moved to Colorado. I hope to get out as much as I've been for a long time. My grandpa used to own a cottage on Little Cedar near Col. City. Every summer we'd go froggin' in and around the lakes there at Tri-Lakes. I love to go and love to eat those tasty morsels. I'll bet I could get JL to give 'er a whirl sometime this summer. JL??
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    check the regs, i think a 22 is legal as long as its bird shot.
  10. I got nothin' but time!
  11. Well gang, YES I will try my luck with frogs. we use to use a 20 ft cane pole with a 4 ft of 25pound test line and hook and worm or a ribbon. Put it in front of the frog and when he bites, set the hook and pick up the pole and have someone in the back of the boat to oar and take off fish. MAN IT'S A BLAST even for a old fart.