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Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by treehugger, May 30, 2007.

  1. OK...who's going froggin'??? It's almost time to get your forks out and go after them big croakers. I've been hearing some biggun's talkin'.
  2. When does that season start Rand?

  3. I believe it starts June 1st Dean and requires a hunting license.
  4. Froggin?? Tell me more...what do I need for this one??
  5. A good flash light, A good frog gig, A good knife, and Beer.... OH Yeah you can do it out of a boat but it's not required to have if you wanna go..
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  6. wow...i think i can handle all of that...
  7. June 15 is opening day...limit is 25 (bullfrogs).
  8. I can taste those son of a bucks right now. I talked to a fella from Alabama recently at Gander and he was tellin' me that he's always kept more than just the hind legs. Anyone familiar with what other parts of meat are worth keeping? I've often thought there was more meat on one, but was always just taught to keep the hind legs only. I'm all ears.....oh, and legs too.:rolleyes:
  9. I have no clue I've always just kept the legs and threw the rest back for the turtles...
  10. When my grandma used to clean them, she'd save the back and front legs (all in one piece), kind of like you would clean a rabbit or a squirrel.
  11. I got a pond I am itching to hit opening evening, it is full of big old bull frogs. Can't wait, usually go in a john boat with a spotlight hooked to a baterry and gig'em. Do this with 2 or 3 guys and rotate who gigs, paddles, and holds the light. FUN!
  12. Thanks for the correct date JL, I wasn't sure. Limit is 25, unless you are 410 and's however many you can cram in a 10 gallon bucket. :cwm27:
  13. We Used To Put On Old Jeans And Duct Tape Everything Shut Then Go Wading In A Swamp Behind A Cementery Off 120 Up North, Really Weird As Young Boys But An Experience Every Kid Should Have , Did Get Tons Of Frogs , Seen A Few Snakes But An Overall Wild Time , Havent Done That For Years!!!!!!!!
  14. Dad used to go like that too Fins & Grins. They would use headlamps and wade out neck deep with a guney sack over their shoulder. They didn't gig them, but caught them bare handed and threw them in the sack. Must be a Garrett thing because he went with Rival McBride. If you know Rival, its hard to believe he didn't drown.