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From Northwest Indiana

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Just want to stop in and say Hi to all my fellow outdoorsmen and women and thanks to the moderators and all who are involved in this website for allowing me to sign up. I have belonged to the Michigan sister website for four years and I can't wait to see how this grows. Here's hoping the ice is back soon, the rain grows morels and everyone has a safe and fruitful season of their choice this year.
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Hi Chapstick

First, welcome brother. I see your from Hobart. I have family and many friends that live in Hobart. In fact I am married to a Brickie.

Spread the word. This is going to be a great location to get info and updates on our states outdoor activities. And while your at it, can you talk to the Mayor and get them to do somthing about the mall traffic :coco:


hello Charlie,

Let me say welcome first before I scream out Go VIKINGS !! Yes it is true I live in Valpo lol. Who cares what city we live in we are all outdoorsman and thats what counts. Heck I may even know you as I know a ton of people from the "Region". well hope to see more of you on here talk to you later.
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