Frozen Ponds and Coyotes

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  1. Where do Coyotes and other animals get water from when the lakes, ponds and most of the small streams are frozen solid? Do they go to the Rivers or steal water from your dogs water dish?

    I would think if you can find some open water during this cold period there might be some coyotes nearby.

    They still have to drink don't they?
  2. Most animals will eat snow if they cant find water.

  3. creeks and springs seem to be in every section up here. I dont think they have to look to hard
  4. I have see several small steams still no frozen? I thought it kind od strang.
    Like has been said I'm sure they will also eat snow
    they won't need as much water to drink in these conditions as during other types of weather
  5. First thanks for the replies. I forget about there being snow on the ground in the more northern parts of IN.

    I was not thinking about them eating snow. I guess that's because we don't have any snow down here at the time I made the original post.

    I was trying to narrow down the areas that would hold population of yotes.

    For example this winter in early to Mid Feb in the Evansville Area south of I-64 it didn't snow very much but it was very very cold. We had lots of frozen lakes with no snow on the ground. These conditions don't occur too often and may not last more than a week or two. Very often there will be snow on the ground along with prolonged cold weather.

    Maybe this condition is more prevalent in this area due to the fact that we are in the Ohio River Valley and at a certain latitude.

    I thought that maybe this would move some yote into area that had moving water that was not frozen.

    I am just thinking out loud here and trying to eliminate some ground under this unique condition of ice on lake with no snow on the ground.

    I read in one of the predator hunting magazines that coyotes stay around source of water. Guess I was just thinking of lakes or ponds and didn't remember that there are lots of small creeks out there than may not be frozen as easily as standing water on a pond or lake.

    These icy pond no snow conditions only lasted about two weeks before we finally got some snow on the ground. But I am thinking about next winter.

  6. Coyotes do prefer to have a water source in their home range; primarily for denning purposes. Open water is defended the same as hunting areas and food sources... transient zones (or population gaps) will allow the drifter a drink but a packs core area is generally off limits.

    The metabolism of a coyote requires more energy and protien during those harsh cold spells- fluid requirements are highest during the summer heat and humidity. Compound those summertime conditions with lactation and immobile pups and that water source needs to be close and reliable.

    A healthy coyote will take in about 4 pounds of food every day, that usually means they wash it down with some blood. I'm guessing 2 or 3 deep winter rabbits would cover a coyotes dietary needs of protien and water.
  7. When are the coyote Pups weened and starting to move around outside the den?

    I found a mated pair of coyotes and their territory. I have yet to see the pups though. I really don't know if they have puppies or not since I have not seen them. But the pair are acting very territorial. As per my posts on JB Hunter's web site.

    I hope to visit this area for a while and observe what's going on. I may be able to take a few photographs if I get lucky and see them out in the daylight. I'll have to pick up some 35mm film that's daylight and has a hight ASA rating. ASA 400 or faster daylight film. It's been a while since I bought any film as my Pentax LX camera body had a problem. I got it out a few minutes ago and it may be working again. The stupid mirror kept getting stuck in the down position and would not come up. I managed to free it up and now the camera is working for now. But I know from past experience that it' will lock up again. I called Pentax and they said it was a known problem with this camera body. I should have bought Nikon or Cannon instead. But now I am stuck with too many Pentax lenses to change camera bodies. I still have a old ME camera camera body that works. It was my first SLR film camera and takes OK pictures. It all about the lighting anyway.

    I would love to catch the pups out in the open some day.

    I know that coyotes start mating in Feb and have pups in April or May but I am not sure when the pups start leaving the den. I would venture a guess that by 3 months of age they are out running around. By Fall (Oct/Nov) they should be starting to hunt for mice etc.

    The area that I found this mated pair is full of Bobwhite, Quail, Rabbits and I would guess lots of mice and voles. There are plenty of red tailed hawk that frequent the area as I see them all the time. There were so many red tailed hawks last fall that I would see them sitting on top of the road signs along the highways on the East side of town. I live just outside Evansville, IN BTW.

    I wonder how much money a wildlife photographer can make? LOL