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full body safety harnes

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by scrapewatcher, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. i have 2 full body safety harnesses i will give someone if they have need of them or know someone who does. possible one more. 1 has been opened but not used and one still in the bag. pm me your adress and i'll ship it to you.
  2. Ha...I think I also have two that are unopened if anyone wants them.

  3. If you would like to donate them I will make sure they go to a youth. We are always looking for give aways for the youth deer hunts at Big Oaks, they would make fine gifts to afew kids.
  4. ok if nobody on here wants them i'll gladly send them to you. i think jl has some to.
  5. It is a shame that people do not utilize safety harnesses as much when hunting as they should.

    Couple of reminders for you:

    #1 leading cause of fatality in construction is a fall from an elevated height.

    If an idividual falls 11 ft. or more, it is fatal 50% or more of the time!!!!
  6. Oh, don't get me wrong...I wear a safety harness at all times while in a stand. I purchased two stands last year, and they both came with full-body harnesses. I don't have a need for three of them.
  7. I have to admit, I've never worn one. Call me anything you like. I also have to admit I've never seen anyone else carrying one that I've went hunting with. I'm interested in knowing who actually wears one and who doesn't. I'm not saying its ok not to wear one, and I'm not admitting its a smart thing for me to not wear one. I ask this question because I am thinking of getting one and would like to know what type to get and how do you put those full body harnesses on in the woods over top all the clothing you back packed in with you. The reason I am looking at getting one is that my oldest is 9 and soon will be hunting on his own. I think it would be a good trend for me to start and if I wear one all the time he will too.
  8. i wear safety systems vest now. i know what you mean i wouldn't dare get in a stand any more without one. even climbing or descending.
  9. i allways wear one scott. it's just not worth not wearing one and the new systems they have now are so simple it's worth the extra effort.
  10. What one do you use? I haven't researched any yet, so if you can tell me what and where you get them. Thanks in advance, its one of those things I know I should be doing, but never have done. Plus, I don't trust my knee anymore when I first put weight on it after sitting for awhile.
  11. seat-o-the pants

    summits seat of the pants harness, also use the climbing system. Got two girls and a wife I don't want to leave behind because I am stupid. Also, mostly hunt 20' plus so if I fall, which I won't, it wouldn't be pretty. Scotty, there are several things that could happen to you, but my best hunting buddy does the same thing, scares me to death.

  12. OK, here goes for the 100th time since last season.


    Here we go. I used to NEVER wear one. Then I had kids seven years ago. I got thinking, "you know I really should wear one so that my kids don't end up with a dad in a wheel chair, or worse, in the event an accident would happen." So I started wearing one that came with a stand. I never liked it. So a couple years ago, I invested $75 in a Summit S.O.P. Seemed like a lot to spend on a harness at the time, but I figured if it was less cumbersome it would be worth it. In the end it was. Much more comfortable, easy to put on, and like a seat belt, soon you feel naked if your not using one. So, hunting for me was going along great and safe. Then the opener of the 2005 gun season. Evening hunt, I'm in my Summit climber and my buddy is 400 or so yards away. Out comes a forkie followed by a doe. I looked the doe over and decided the smokepole needed to draw some blood. So at 10 yards, I drew my bead and pulled the trigger. That is when all hell broke loose.

    Let me tell you this, when you fall you will never believe how fast it happens. That is right at the shot, I fell. I don't know how it happened still. I was around 22 to 23 feet up. Fortunately, Summit makes an awesome harness and it saved my life. With no ladder to climb or limbs to grab, I was able to shimmy my fat butt back up the tree to the lower platform of the stand and then pull myself back onto the stand. It was not easy, but it sure beat laying on the ground. I got myself gathered and got down, my buddy phoned me and then came to find me. Fortunately, all I suffered was a scrape on my hand and some sore muscles the next day. We found my doe about 50 yards away.

    I think you know the point to my story. It can happen, trust me. I was one that said it will never happen to me. I'm about as safe as a hunter as you will find and it happened to me. That harness saved me from a broken leg, or a broken back, or a wheel chair, or from pushing up daisies. I was leaving to take my wife and kids to Disney World for Thanksgiving in a few days. Can you imagine having to tell the kids that dad could not go because of a broken leg, or in the hospital, or worse because they had to go to my funeral?

    Trust me, wear a harness. If you won't do it for yourself, then please do it for the loved ones in your life.
  13. Oh and I forgot to say. I called Summit and told them what happened. First they said how great it was to hear that I was OK, then they told me to throw away the harness. Folks, they are a ONE TIME use. Do not use them again after you have fallen. Now here is the good part. Their warantee covers a harness even if you fall. So two days later a brand new S.O.P. was on my door step. Now that really makes that $75 that I spent seem insignificant now doesn't it.
  14. Very good Post i Love them REAL STORIES..thanks