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Fur Prices 06/07

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Reb, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Wanted to pass along this information from last season. I started trapping again this last season after Christmas. I got my sons several traps and wanted to get them involved for several different reasons, primarily to get us through the winter after deer season is over. I have not trapped forever and was never a real trapper but enjoyed trying when I was younger. Married with 4 kids and not set up to trap as far as freezer storage or a decent heated area outside of my garage, I could not store our catches very long without my wife chattering. I sold daily or every third day and my boys split the income. I sold at Fur Inc. (Phil Welty) in Wabash, IN. I like Phil and his wife Karyn but I took a beating on prices. I sold there for convenience. I averaged $3.00 on rats and about the same on coon (on carcass) never selling more than 3-4 of each at a time.
    My good friend Dennis has trapped for several years now and has become what I would consider very proficient, bulk stored his harvest and sold twice this season to UNL Fur Buyers in Nappanee, IN. Dennis sold all of his fur on carcass also and averaged $6.00 on rats and $9.00 on coon and $.50 per .lb on beaver. Dennis was paid a premium rate for everything.
    Like I said earlier, I like Phil and think he has a great shop, supplying a nice selection for hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor activity and I am not writing this to make UNL or break Fur Inc. but everyone wants or is entitled to a fair price. I noticed in one posting he was recomended by Redbone. Redbone may have gotten a better "bang for his buck" than I did, but I will say that next season will be different. I will be skinning and now have freezer space and a renovated area of my pole barn dedicated to our trapping. I will likely let Fur Inc. make an offer before I go to UNL but big trader or small, I will sell to the highest offer.
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  2. A relatively free economic system is one of the things that makes this country great:)

  3. I sold on the carcas to Martin Griffith in Noble County, about 3-4 times this year. Limited freezer space too. Averaged $5 on rats and $10 on coon with a mink bringing in $18.00.
  4. There are many differnat ways to market your fur harvest.
    selling to a local buy is only 1 option.
    you can skin your fur and "put it up" (stretch and dry it after you flesh)
    If you prepair it like this than you can ship it to the larger action houses and most of the time you will receive more money.

    2nd: you can bring your fur to one of the ISTA's fur auctions that we host each year, we invited all the liecensed fur buyers from the state to attend
    most times there are 6 to 10 buyers that are bidding against each other , thing can and do get very competitive. Phil Welty is Always to largest buyer and spends the most money at our northern sale at Miami county fairgrounds. He pays more than as much or more than you will get if you ship to NAFA or Fur Harvestors.
    Most everyone who attends these sale's are very very pleased with the amount of money they receive for their goods.
    You can sale 3 ways, skinned, skinned and dried or whole on the carcuss just like at the local buyers

    now remember if you skin your fur correctly you will receive more than it if it is sold on the carcuss
    same goes for "put up" fur

    remember if a buyer pays for your fur on the carcuss they have to pay to have it skinned, ( about $1 to $2 per animals)
    they also pay to have it fleshed ($1 to $2) and put on the stretcher
    they then have to pay comission of 11% plus a per hide hadling charge
    they wait sometimes over a year or more for their good to sale at the Iternational actions. Some times taking a loss on the sale.

    now figure
    you get $5 for a coon and the buyer pays $1 more to have it skinned and a $1 more to have it fleshed
    he now has $7 invested
    he might get $12 out of a finished hide after 6 months of waiting
    he will have another .40 cents of so it the cost after comission and handling
    now at $7.40 invested and waiting 6 months or more for his money

    He made $4.60 for his work and thats with out paying himself for his time and investement

    Now this was just a example of how things MAY go for a buyer

    I know some guys try shave a bit more off the top than folks like but you always have a choice to say no and sale to someone else.

    It's easy to say this and say that with out knowing what is really going on behind the scene
    everyone can ship there fur to the same auction houses as the buyers and get the same amount as they do

    for our pst auction results go to and look under the fur action results tab
  5. Making $4.60 per hide isn't so bad when you consider how many he's selling. Now take a look at how much the average Trapper makes after the price of gas and how much he has invested in his traps and freezer space not to mention the time he spends night after night. I'll bet he doesn't average half that and he does all the work. Thats why I don't trap anymore, and I'm raising a family and don't have the time it takes to do it right.
    Just another look from this side of the fence, it sure isn't as lucrative as it use to be.
  6. not about the money

    for me trapping is another way to spend time outside. the catch is the goal but the time, effort and experience is why i do it.
  7. I look at it like this fordgo6

    I hunt and fish as well and no one has ever paid me a dime to do any of that. I spent $100's a year on gas do it and $100's a year buying new equipment and camo, stands , ammo and so such. I still hunt and fish dispite not making any money off of it.

    The same goes for trapping. I spent money on gas and supplies and anything I get back is a real plus but it's not my modivation as to why I trap.
    Those who trap to make money should just as well get a job at the local gas station cause it's much easier and more profitable.

    Now how many folks can say they make money hunting and fishing? Sure there may be a few who make video's or guide hunts or fishing trips but not many.
  8. Also like I said if you want the other $4.60 for the hide than put the fur up yourself and take your chances at the large auctions like the buyers do.
    I doudt you'll be any happier