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Fur Prices

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Jrbhunter, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. I was up in Boone County last weekend to do a little coyote calling and took some animals I had snared up with me. The guy I was hunting with had a fur buyer there close to him so we ran them over between hunts and sold them. I had 2 coon, 1 gray fox, 1 red fox and 1 coyote. They were all in the carcass (In the round) & full prime. I had snared them all with no visible snare marks or damage. One coon was average size the other was XL. The coyote was a 20# silver, the foxes were both large and clean. The fur buyer said he had NEVER PURCHASED a gray fox before... they are very rare in the northern part of the state. He said it wasn't really worth as much as the red but he would pay it just to say he bought one. :biggrin:

    Below is a copy of the reciept he gave me for the fur,

    One Coon - $10.00
    One Coon -$6.00
    One Coyote -$6.00
    One Red Fox -$12.00
    One Gray Fox -$12.00
    TOTAL = $46.00

    Like I told ya, I definatly don't do it for the money! :16suspect

    These aren't bad prices though.. I really can't complain when you consider the market.

  2. Selling hides

    Where do ya sell your hides at? I always sold at the Little Red Fur Shed, near Vincennes.

  3. location

    I was way up in Boone County somewhere, I really don't know. I am from Southern Indiana so I was lost all weekend. The ISTA auctions are usually the best place to sell your hides if you can collect them between sales. I just sold these because they were in the truck and we were going past a fur buyers.
  4. Can you pass on the buyers name and location. I live in ajoining clinton county and only received $5.00 for 1 25# coon and 6 20#ers. 2 mink brought me an additional $17.
  5. read thet date of this post
    it was in 2005 lol!

    he sold to Rod Cunningham of coonrod furs in Kempton Indiana
    you can got to the ISTA web site for a list of buyers

    I sold 4 coon tonight
    2 for $12 each and 1 was 22.5 lbs largest coon I ever caught
    It would really be something to find any in the state larger than that

    1 sold for $8 and 1 for $5
    coyotes sold for $5 and 1 for $10

    all fur was sold on the carcuss
  6. Does it pay enough extra to bother with skinning and dressing fur anymore?
  7. yes if you have the time and desire
    my freezer is full of stuff i will "put up" later on
  8. I sold the following the day after Thanksgiving:

    32 muskrats for $2.00 each
    1 coon for $5.00 (it weighed 12 pounds)
    1 coon for $10.00 (it weighed 16 pounds)
    1 deer skin for $3.00

    I was told mink are worth about $12 right now.