Fuzzy's Fantastic Fathers Day!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. This has been the best Fathers day I have had yet! On Friday my wife and children kicked me out of the house and sent me to the Compton Traditional Rendezvous for the weekend where I had a FANTASTIC time! Shot lots and lots of new bows and went back to the "traditional roots".
    My wife had asked that I call her when I was leaving the rendezvous in Berrien Springs. I had a feeling she was up to something but didn't have an idea of what she was up to. SOOOOO When I got home, guess what was setting in MY GARAGE (aka "Fuzzy's Lodge") and LOADED!!!! Ohhhhh yeah BAAAAABY! See pictures below!......Stallion, I'll share mine too!!!!!
    See Picture Below for what I got for Fathers Day!!!!
    Fuzzy (ITS MINE ALLL MINE MINE MINE!!!) C'mon over for a beer fellers!
  2. ahh some people have all the luck....

  3. Ahh, yes, Fuzzy...It's nice when your family supports your alcoholism. Now, I have a proposal for you for Father's Day. GET THE TEAM WITH YOUR NAMESAKE SOME FLIPPIN' POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Nice Fuzzy, very nice.

    I'll be over soon to help you break it in!
  5. Fuzzy, you my friend are a very lucky man......... And now I am a very Jealous man.......... I'll have to post my father's day/ B-Day present. My baby did me right. And don't listen to Dean........ The steeler's don't need no points.......LOL
  6. I'll be up that way next weekend fuzz...does your beer serve on sunday haha

    thats a good looking piece...can you send the info to my wife haha
  7. That's all I needed to see....

    I notice you have the castors on yours Fuzzy...well done.