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Fuzzy's latest creations...

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by cjones46, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Gentlemen...
    allow me to unveil to you a world premier
    you'll only see it first
    from world famous call maker Frank "Fuzzy Muzzy" Sears

    I give you...

    "THE TURD" and "The Edge"


    The turd being the one that looks like an outhouse...duh

    "The Turd" was created by Fuzzy for Trent Marsh

    "The Edge" is mine.

    I asked fuzz to make a call that I could give marsh for his bday...fuzz buster thought that was so cool that he didn't charge me for "The Turd."

    Then last night at "The Stallagio" he surprised me with "The Edge" as a gift to me.


    They are both beautiful calls...and the thought behind them makes them even better. Thank you again Frank :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
  2. Nice looking calls!!!................(Hey Fuzzy, my b-day is Feb 17th.)

  3. Awesome fuzzy! Those are some sweet gifts.
  4. Fuzzy, you are a helluva guy, thanks again...
  5. awwwww shucks fellers, it' ain't's just a GOBBLE GETTER GAME CALL! haha "Stallagio"...LOL

    Takin orders now fellers, I have 10 about ready to go.

  6. I might be interested in ordering some, maybe 3. Can you give me some prices on the one that are almost ready. And, can they be personalized, maybe with someones name burned into them or something like that. Thanks
  7. Hey fellow "Snood Smacker"! I have a b'day coming up on the 28th of this month! **hint-hint**
  8. That TURD call is a real Piece Of ... :evil: It is such a dirty call you need to wipe your hands when you are done holding the handle.:evil:

    Again, Fuzzy, you've out done yourself.

    The Stallagio ROCKS! The Stallion (jstalljon) has it going on. He's a chick magnet guys. You should have seen the chicks hanging on him at the tent party.:evilsmile
  9. dont fall down with the edge call ,whats the prices on those beauties!!!
  10. Fuzzy surprised me with a call as well. My wife is tiring of me blasting that thing in the house...she's actually getting excited for turkey season so I can get out of the house! LOL

    If you guys wouldn't go through a keg a weekend, I'd have you over all the time! :)