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Fuzzy's ND Tailgate Pictures!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Hey all!
    We had a fantastic time tailgating at Notre Dame yesterday for the Blue and Gold Game. Although the game SUCKED, the tailgating festivities were great. We met alot of neat people. Started the day off with "Fuzzy Bloody Marys" and Egg sandwiches witth bacon! It was an absolute GEORGEOUS 76 degree day not a cloud in the sky. There was nearly 52,000 people that attended the game!
    One person I met was Bill "Red" Mack who played Wide Receiver for Notre Dame then was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers for 4 years then was traded to the Green bay Packers where he played in Super Bowl # 1. I had my picture taken with him, he let me wear his Super Bowl ring!
    I also had the opportunity to meet Rich Wolfe, the author of "For Notre Dame Fans Only: The New Saturday Bible" HECK of nice and funny guy!
    Here's pictures of the day...
    Fuzzy Bloody Mary
    Egg Sammich on "Da Grill"
    The Fuzzy Tailgate Party
    Fuzzy's Kids plus one at tailgate
    Near 52,000 fans were at the game!!!!
    Fuzzy and Red Mack
    Fuzzy and Rich Wolfe
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  2. Looks great fuzz!!!! No pancakes this morning?? And no smooching in those pics??:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile

  3. hey fuzz is that a carlysle holiday jersey?? hahahaha

    Jimmy wasn't that impressive from what I hear...sounds like we're gonna run the ball this year eh??
  4. Very cool Fuzzy! Where's your picture with Paul Hornung?
  5. I don't have one from this year with Paul but I do have one with him, John Huarte and Tim Brown that was taken last year treehugger. I'll see if I can find it.

    cjones, no (actually yeah lol), that IS a Jimmy jersey. They didn't let the QB's do jack crap! Handoffs is about all. That's Charlie though don't wanna give up any secrets! LOL There was one play that was like a triple reverse option trick play that ALMOST worked!
    My honest opinion about who the #1 QB should be? I'll trade my #7 for a #3 Demetrious Jones jersey. That kids from the LITTLE bit I seen has it goin on!

  6. Looks like we missed a good time Fuzzy!

    Where's the smoker? LOL