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Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. for your information the "honey hole" is back in business. 41 black crappies today. fished for around 3 hours. no wall mounters as of yet...but the bite is on....

  2. Yea those baby's are gonna taste good here in a few hours after Ashley's game. I hope she didn't get her arm to sore reeling those things in so she can still pitch tonight in her softball game. Chock up another one for Rico and the honey hole.:bowdown:
  3. cant even tell ya how many we hauled in today.....50+?
  4. 57 and then some

    Rico, the final tally of cleaned fish today was 57, with many many more releases, and lost fish.

  5. hey crappie....what is with all of that toilet paper in the background? by the way, how did they taste? go vols.......;)
  6. way to go. did you catch them on minnows or tubes?
  7. Caught them on white curly tail grubs with a lead head. It seems to work the best up there. They will bite on minnows, but why bother...they also seem to love waxworms...but the way they were hitting on friday, we probably could have caught 'em on a bare hook...:)
  8. another oldie,but a goodie:cheeky-sm
  9. Great catch guys and by the way a GREAT T-SHIRT
  10. Roses are red- violets are blue - if skunks had a college the would call it PU. Go Boilers!
  11. Those were the days!!!!!!!!! But I dont see Crappie 66 lurking around here anymore!!!!!!!
  12. Honey Hole


    Have you told anyone on here yet that your honey hole is your uncles private pond which you keep under lock and key and shoot at anybody that looks twice at it, even family?

    You know its hard to take anybody serious who uses Underdog as their picture.
  13. I am sorry Scott...but you are talking about the lake west of here. This one is right behind me...and family is welcome!!! And what in the hell is wrong with Underdog? Oh, I forgot you are a Papa Smurf man arent ya? Check it are talking about Stafford Lake...I am talking about McPherson. Look on the lake maps...they are both under lock and key...:hide: