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gander mountain today

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by commando, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. The wife and I was at gander mountain today around 430ish. And Im pretty sure a couple guys from this forum were standing out front bcrapping with each other.I maybe wrong but I thought I seen there picture on here sometime.
    I almost went over and introduced myself but had to hurry home to pick up my daughter.And I wasnt sure if they was from here or not.
    So was anyone at the Fort Wayne
    gander mountain today?
  2. It wasn't me, but are you certain you hadn't seen their pictures at the post office?

    FYI; I ususally wear my Hoosier Steelheader hat...

  3. Wish you had said hello........It was probably 410 and I, Quail was there also but he could not take all the BS and ran off. :chicken:
  4. WOW next time stop and say hello, If you said two funny looking guy outside the store shooting the bull, it had to me Harold and I. Great time at Gander, learn a lot about Walleye fishing. Good deal
  5. We're there so much, they ought to put us on the payroll....
    Just like all the times a customer comes up with a question about hunting or fishing and Dean says " Hey Tuck, Keith, can you fellas help this guy out?".....and of course we take the customer off Dean's hands and set them right in the world.

    It's our little way of giving back to the sport.
  6. I just wasn't sure and the wife was in a hurry to get back to pick up the daughter. Even though I spend all day looking for a swimmer for her earlier. I was the tall guy that walked out with his wife and got into the green supercrew ford that was parked in the front.We got in the truck and started to leave and I told the wife I think those two guys where from the forum.Took me a bit to figure out where I thought I seen you two from.
  7. Side Slapper, 410 and I had a good time there yesterday at the walleye fishing seminar that Pete put on. First time I've met Pete, and he's a real good guy, passionate about those walleyes!

    410 learned another use for Preperation H too, I just hope that tube doen't leak all over my boat carpet!:yikes: (something about Preperation H to keep your leeches out of a pucker in cold water....sure sure)