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Gander Mtn. / Bass Tracker Boats

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. I was in the Gander Mtn. in Terre Haute last night. They are now carrying Bass Tracker boats at the store. They had a real nice aluminum bass boat with a 50 h.p. outboard for $12,000+ and a nice party barge for the same price. Are the Gander's in your towns carrying Trackers too?
  2. Randy,if you buy that new boat at gander.......keep me in mind if you sell your boat you got now!!

    What was the size of the pontoon boat? 24 ' ?

  3. Randy will have to ask Dean about the boats. If I was going to buy a Tracker bass boat I would go to Bass Pro in Missouri and get it, I know they are cheaper there and lots of times you can buy one with a small dent or scratch on it for $1000 cheaper. Well worth the trip and you get to see what a real shop store looks like. At one time there was five Tracker boats in our family.
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    No Tracker boats here in Ft. Wayne that I know of. If you have a chance, check out the G3's made by Yamaha. Got one at a the Ft. Wayne boat show three years ago. (Lake Drive Marina in Coldwater MI). Sweet boats....they come with Yamaha 4 strokes.

  5. I Was In The Ft. Wayne Store The Other Day And They Do Carry Some Nice John Boats Now
  6. Ft. Wayne Gander does carry Tracker Boats. Right now all we have are Fisher Aluminum johns, but they're made by BPS. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmm..........???
  7. bass boats

    Check the stratos 176 xt out before you buy aluminum.the boat is 17'6 with a 50 hr motor. the nationwide price is $12,995 before dealer prep freight etc.the G3 i looked at in indy was more. Good luck!
  8. At the Indy Gander.. all we carry are the Jon Boats.. I believe that we can't carry the rest of the line due to having some local dealers near by.
  9. Bass Pro shops is looking to purchase Gander Mountain. The name itself and run them as Gander stores under the BPS umbrella. Just something a little CEO for BPS whispered in my ear about 3 years ago.
  10. Not long after the Gander in Terre Haute opened I heard they were in financial trouble, opening too many stores too fast. Doesn't surprise me about BPS. It has to be something like that or Gander wouldn't be carrying the Tracker line of boats.
  11. what make are the motors tracker face but are they johnsons or rice burners?
  12. No, they weren't rice least not on the surface.
  13. Tracker boats are outfitted with Mercury motors.