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Garrett Guys

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Is the BMV still open in Garrett? Stopped in at the Dupont license branch yesterday...crowded....every kid in the world is getting his beginner's permit. Thought about running up Coldwater road today to be my license changed.

    Been to the Garrett license branch before..I was the only one there.

  2. NOPE and it really sucks that it isnt there anymore... Now we have to go to the auburn one.

  3. Can we say, "Thank you, Mitch" ?:bonk:
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Waited 44 minutes to change the address on my license at Dupont...My old license was to expire in 2009.....My new one with the new address expires next year in May:confused:

    Lost a couple of years in the transfer.
  5. Makes perfect sense...
  6. Glad to see you are putting the money into the state's coffers there CC!!!:hide: The wife and I spent 2 hours at the license branch when we changed our address. And that was just waiting to make it to the counter!
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I know you want to stay away from Tuesdays (they're closed on Mondays). Went in Tuesday, saw the line, and turned around and left.

    Wednesday, no line, but I had to get proof of new address. My fault.

    Heard the gal tell some lady that around the 15th of each month it gets real bad.
  8. It has to a Hoosier thing! No other state can be that bad!:confused:
  9. Hey like quail said Thanks Mitch ( Maybe you can vote for him again). You can do it online and STILL DON'T get them on time. Hey you can come to Columbia City branch and set there for a hour or two and they don't have a restroom, and when you go somewhere to use the restroom when you get back that have went pass you name and you get to sign up again and get in line for another hour or two. MAN THIS IS FUN.
  10. Tuck, I was thanking Mitch in the same way that I "compliment" Dean for anything.
    My wife tried to renew her plates via mail...last minute she had to go into the branch and do it in person verses driving with expired plates...Indiana has done a wonderful job of screwing up a system that didn't work that great when there were enough staff and branches available.
  11. I know what we can do ....

    take all those beautiful monies that came from selling our toll road, and pay someone to open up a few more of these branches. I sat for an hour and 30 the other day to renew my plates. So basically i got a sticker for 90 minutes of my time.
  12. It looks like we got a civil uprising on our hands!!!!!!! Mitch...not my man!!!!!!:mad:
  13. The Ditch Mitch Crew......

    Careful there are "Ditch Mitch" sympathizers on this site.....

    All I can say is that he better enjoy his one term in Indiana, because he won't get 4 more years. Listen, I generally lean to the Right, but I didn't vote for him.

    Yes, Cary, the Garrett Branch has been closed down. Gotta save money while property taxes, etc. go up, up, up don't you know.....

    Ditch Mitch The Bi&^h!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yes Dean, I am a "right-winger" myself. I didnt vote for the guy. But be care ful, that Indianapolis vote will probably get him another term!!!!!:banghead3