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Gas checks. What advice is out there?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by JohnSmiles, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I have never used gas checks.
    I am think about using them for the 500 s&w in a handi rifle.
    I like to shoot my guns, and this is the only way I can shoot affordably.
    Anyone out there using gas checks?
    Any suggestions for a beginner?
    WHat to buy, what NOT to buy?

  2. What is it?

    What is a gas check?

  3. I've used gas checked lead cast bullets in several rifles. From my .22 Hornet up to .308. I also cast bullets for my .44-40 & .458 X 2" American but these were plain base cast bullets. On the ones I did use gas checks I found that Hornady Brand gas checks were the best as they wouldn't fall off while the bullet exited the barrel. My Winchester Model 43 in .25-20 shoots cast gas checked bullets more accurately than the jacketed bullets. When reloading using cast bullets, you'll want to stick to using either Unique or SR-4759 powders, as they are much cleaner burning and consistant, than 2400 or IMR-4227 powders.
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  5. Gas checks are put on the bottom of a cast lead bullet to seal up the gases from the exploiding powder to get better pressure behind the bullet as it leaves the barrel. Cast bullets can be poured at home for some cheap shooting but sometimes leave a bit to be desired as a componet- hope that helps
  6. Thanks for the info. Goggle
  7. David, Goggle, thanks for the info!
  8. You're welcome!:)
  9. Gas checks also help prevent leading when using cast bullets moving over 1700fps by "scraping" the bore and preventing the base of the bullet from both melting and obturating into the lands & grooves.

    In cast handgun bullets, they are useful to help keep airborene lead out of your lungs at indoor ranges - but you need to be very careful to seat & size them properly so they don't pop off at the cylinder gap.
  10. For 500 s&w

    These will be for the handi rifle in 500 s&w, if I buy one.
    I have looked into the cost of feeding this thing, and if I want to shoot it to any degree, reloading and casting bullets are almost required on my budget.
    The brass, and the bullets, are a bit pricey at this time.
    Not sure if I will even wait for the law to be passed before I buy one.
    Whether I can ever use it to hunt deer with or not, this little gun has really gotten my attention.
    Even at subsonic speeds, at close range a 325-575 gr. .50 cal. cast lead bullet moving at 1000 fps is going to take out about anything in Indiana.

    btw, anyone know where there might currently be one for sale, and how much?
    Tax time was good to me this year(for a change) and I will probably have a few bucks extra in the near future.


    And no I am not buying dinner for everyone.
    I hear some of you are almost as big as I am.