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  1. Are gas prices starting to affect hobbies, activities that you do? I have noticed the decreased desire to fish and golf less within the past week, especially since the price for a barrel of crude oil is over $70 and prices likely to push to between $3.00 and $4.00 for a gallon of gas.
  2. I haven't lost much desire to fish, but I'll be concentrating on more local bodies of water this spring and summer for far as golf goes, I haven't even thought about golfing yet. Yes, I'm affected!

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    I've got two real outdoor passions, hunting and fishing...I'm not going to let gas prices from keeping me from either.
  4. yes it has affected me. i think this is just the begining of high gas prices. it wouldn't surprise me if it went to $4.00 a gallon. i think it's going to effect food prices tremendously as other products. not only are we dependent on oil there are a pot full of petroleum products that we use in every day life and since the trucking industry will suffer so will we at the pumps and stores. i am just glad that i can hunt close and fish close to home. i have one farm to unt but it's 75 miles away one way. there'sjust no way. i'll just hunt around home. is it my imagination that the higher prices go the faster the gas leaves the tank or am i just imagining things lol.
  5. Its pretty ugly. Fortunately, I work from a home office and my wife works just a couple of miles away. It does stink that when you look to take a vacation, you need to budget for gas. Not looking forward to driving to Canada or to Colorado this fall.
  6. Sure wish I didn't have a 30 minute commute each morning.
  7. Well let me tell the gang something, with the gas prices so high I have decided not to go to work it cost to much so I will just have to keep on fishing and hunting.
  8. i really feel sorry for these people who have these giant motor homes that get about 5 miles to the gallon
  9. Yes, I am too affected by the price of gasoline (approaching $2.90 / Gal. where I live). Last week I paid almost $15 filling up a 5 Gallon gas can for the lawn mowers!! Back when the price of a gallon of gas was slightly over a Dollar (around $1.25) I use to drive up to a public shooting range located at Sugar Ridge Fish & Wildlife area at least once per month to target shoot some of my high powered rifles and to check the sights on my hunting guns. Now I am going just twice per year and real reluctant about driving 70 miles round trip just to check the sights on my rifles. This situation of high gas prices is going to have a ripple effect throughout the economy, and will affect the sport of Hunting and Shooting.:yikes:
  10. I want to do what he does!!!!

    Hey 410, thanks for those trolling motor did i make you dizzy, a little sea sick maybe???
  11. heard on the radio this morning that gas will be on the rise for at least the next 6 weeks. now that freakoid president from iran is pleading to the muslim world to raise the crude oil prices even more because they are selling it way to cheap. higher crude prices + american oil giants greed + muslim world leader hatred + another disaster in the gulf = disaster for recreation for hard working americans. add that politicians want prices high so they won't have to get into the oil reserves and oil giants are still wanting to make record profits = cripple our country. where will it stop? IT WON'T. someone tell me where this country is headed. judges are letting child molesters go free with a hand slap, gay marriages are being promoted by most state leaders more every day, iminent domain is alive and well and thriving thanks to saundra day o"conner . on hannidy and colmes the other night they showed a movement where mexicans are protesting that new mexico really belongs to them it was stolen by the u.s. and they vow to get it back. in the next 10 yrs. they say there will be at least 30 million more spanish speaking people in the u.s. their selling our public land, our leaders all the way to the president sit and do absolutely nothing of our border, refuse to. i love my country and i still think it's the best place in the world to live but there is definetly a movement to ruin it. about the only thing we have left is our families and hunting and fishing that will fullfill our inner being. gas will be and is a valuable commedity that will effect our financial well being for yrs. to come. all we can do is hold true to what means so much to us.

    We will see a depression due to gas prices very soon if they go above 3 a gallon. People will no longer be able to afford a trip to the grocery store let alone the groceries in the store that have had prices raised because of the cost of shipping. If those groceries can even afford to be produced because farmers can no longer afford to run their tractors through the fields. I say depression rather quickly... Its a scary idea but it will happen. If our government would just say hey we need some alternative and let it fly in this country we could become the powerhouse we used to be. Now our dependance is too high for oil and our vulnerability is way to high as well....
  13. i totally agree with you tbh. we will all be glad we have some tasty venison and bluegill fellates in the freezer.
  14. since we are on the topic of crooked government.. take a look at this 9-11 conspiracy theory. IT is a bit long but you might enjoy some of the points that are brought up. Keep an open mind and by no means take it as an attack on your government just keep an open mind. It is about an hour long but the first 10 minutes will make you think.. IT has volume so make sure your speakers are working..

    let me know what you guys think of it.
  15. We're missing a big opportunity here guys.
    I personally am not going to stop, or slowdown doing what I love just because gas keeps going up. (I think that's what they want...)
    I am going to use Tom Sawyers' philosphy about whitewashing the fence, I'm going to take more buddies with me.. many hands make light the gas bill..
    It will accomplish several objectives, I still get to hunt fish and camp, and I get to enjoy the company of a couple buddies...

    Sure rising gas prices are simple middle east greed, no doubt about it, but I'm not allowing them to dictate my life. (Side note if you guys come camping with me, the bottom bunk is MINE:cheeky-sm )