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Geese, geese, and more geese ... WOW!

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Well all, J.L. and I hooked up for our first meeting and hunt together. To say it was productive and enjoyable is an understatement. My buddy Andy stopped in to join the action.

    Collectively, we agreed that we saw somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 to 1000 geese, probably that many ducks, and a few snows. When I say "saw", I mean they wanted in our field. Insane!

    I showed up just before 3:00 pm to set decoys and get the blinds around. When I pulled into the field a flock of probably 40 mallards was already working the field. J.L. and Andy would join me a little after 3:30. I had just dumped everything in one big pile, pulled the truck out of the field and walked back to start setting the 5 dozen Big Feet when I was covered up with geese. As I set dekes I had birds trying to land on me!

    I was just finishing things up when I see J.L. pull up. He's scrambling to get into the field while I take a couple shots at birds (bad shooting on my part). J.L. no sooner gets in the field and Andy is pulling in across the road. J.L. and I shake hands and we immediately dive into the blinds as a huge flock is barreling in on us. I dumped on honker out of the bunch. I made the long trek to get my bird and I look back and see Andy and J.L. shaking hands. I hit the deck, they dive into the blinds, and here comes another large flock of honkers. They dropped two birds. 3 birds down and it was only 3:40!

    On the way back on my retrieve I took a pop shot at a couple snows, but didn't touch a feather. I just get back to the blinds and we are hunkered down again for another flock. I dropped a bird out of that flock. About 5 minutes later another flock and J.L. and Andy drop a bird each. We had our goose limit before 4:00!:yikes:

    So we hunkered down to hunt snows and mallards. At one point we had a couple honkers almost land on J.L. and cuddle up in the blind with him. We had ample opportunities at mallards, but we kept passing them up for closer shots. We finally shot at one group, but somehow 9 shot shells rang out and no birds fell. We did see a few more snows too. The snow was flying and the birds were in our face, just incredible action. Total blast!

    Here's the pictures.

    The gang. Left to right. J.L., Andy, and DEC (me)

    J.L. and his birds

    Me and my birds

    J.L. and me

    Andy and J.L.

    The deke spread


    What a great time!
  2. Sounds like you all had a great time!

  3. Trip was all it was quacked up to be.

    Great story and photos guys. One of the wonderful things about our site is hearing of guys getting together and sharing time in the field. Great harvest on the geese!
  4. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    That looks like a blast!...jl, thought you learnd to smile
  5. Thanks again, Derek, for putting me on a stupid amount of birds! The shooting of the geese was a good time, but the shooting of the bull afterwards was even better. I hope to do it again sometime...soon!
  6. I did in the top was too cold to smile in the other ones...made my teeth hurt it was so cold! :yikes:
  7. Yea, it was stupid cold out there! But honestly, there was so much action we never had a chance to cool down.

    Total blast J.L. We'll do it again some time.
  8. Nice job guys! Great to be rewarded for braving the cold!!
  9. SWEET!!! My wife is gonna' be so mad when I start goose hunting! :cwm27:
  10. Way to go fellas! Awsome hunt by the way it sounds. Great pictures too. Don't you guys love it when everything works like it supposed to? Congrats on a great hunt. You boys got me jealous, especially seeing snows, let alone a pass shot! Congrats again guys!
  11. AWESOME!!!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: