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Geese .... should have been there J.L.!

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. A buddy (Andy) and I went goose hunting yesterday evening. I invited J.L., but he had other commitments. Should have been there man! Thursday, we've got to hit these fields again. I'll be scouting them tonight.

    Decoys set, brushing in the blinds at 4:00 and geese were piling in on us. We decided enough was enough and settled in for some hunting. At about 4:30, we landed 4 geese in the spread and had another 50 to 60 geese literally on top of us. I called the shot. I dumped a pig of a bird on the first shot and jambed my gun do to short shucking the second round. Andy couldn't shoot straight, but managed to dump one bird.

    We watched tons of birds and worked a few more. Then at about 5:00, a dozen came in from the right low and locked. I called the shot when their patties were about 6" off the ground. We both dumped another bird each for our limits.:coolgleam

    Had tons of mallards working us and we could have taken a couple passing shots, but we held off. We've got a plan for them on Thursday.:biggrin:

    Here's a couple photos.

    My geese. The one in my right hand weighed in at 12.5#, probably the heaviest goose I've ever shot.


    Andy's geese.

  2. Man thoses are some FAT birds. Good eating I can smell them cooking right now. And there is that feeling of spit almost falling down your chin because you are thinking of how good they taste.

  3. Great job on those honkers, DEC !!!
  4. Good job....Thanks for keeping your shirt on also!!!!I thought it was a Duck thing....
  5. I'm all over it, partner! :evil:
  6. I've never hunted those things before but you guys are pushing me closer and closer to the edge of trying it!
  7. Don't start. It is like a drug. Once you get some honkers with their patties down locked into the decoys you will be ruined for life. It is that addicting.:coolgleam
  8. Nothing like laying in the field and having the geese come over you so close you can almost reach up and grab one.
    Tree... you try it with the right guys and your new handle may be "goosehugger".
  9. That does it! If it's that good I have to have some!!! Pigeonflier...where are you??????????
  10. Now you did it.

    Way to go DEC, you just encouraged Treehugger into goose hunting. Now when he bags a goose, we'll be swamped with photos of his kill. Have you learned nothing from The Boss?

  11. Hmmmm....what will I nickname it??? :help:
  12. Finally some bird pics, I really hope to add some Friday and Saturday!
  13. I'll have pics to post tomorrow, birds or no birds. DEC and I are hitting that field again. Hope I can shoot straight this time! :dizzy:
  14. Best of luck to you guys, beats painting trim work.
  15. Awesome story and pictures DEC. The cooler temps have been great for field hunting, at least around me. One of us in our group this past weekend shot a 14lb toad of a honker. Biggest goose I've seen. Congrats, and good luck on tomorrow! Can't wait to see some pics.