Geese ... why is the season out?

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  1. I snuck out armed with my digital camera yesterday afternoon. I went up on a hill and tucked under a pine that over looks a field that is just LOADING up with geese every day. I hunted this field in our early season. The birds were using it then and they are still using it, by the HUNDREDS. There were snows flying yesterday too.

    Check this out. They were coming in in waves. There was a rise to the left side of the photo that had at least as many birds behind it as what you can see in these photos.

    Why can't we have a late season!?!?!:coco:



  2. Great photos DEC! I too, wish we could still be hunting them.. Yesterday afternoon I must of watched easliy 3-400 birds dump into a corn field around Noon. The sky was black with geese. I would do anything for a late season......

  3. I am right there with you guys on the late season.. I have been watching birds for the last 2 in all the surrounding corn fields....they are everywhere!!
  4. On the way up to Indy Saturday I saw a couple hundred geese on a river we drove over. I don't know exactly what river it was but there were a lot of birds.
  5. cool pics...I just got through seeing some on the side of the road right here in town
  6. I don't get the season times, either. Hard to kill very many with the way it is, and there are A LOT of them.
  7. I'm sure the Feds will point to protection of the migrants when asked about extending the goose season. It would be more likely that they might allow Indiana to institute a longer early season.

    There are a ton of geese around here, as well. Since every subdivision, every strip mall, every new developement of any sort has a pond, I'd bet that they won't make the Endangered Species List any time soon.
  8. My buddy and I were ice fishing on Heritage lake yesterday and when we were leaving what must have been more than a thousand geese came in from every direction landing on an open hole in the ice close to the dam.... That was really cool....

    My buddy Tim.... He's a big guy but not that big.... It was just cold with the wind whipping in at our backs.... My camera's battery died before he got to catch me looking like Jabba the Hut....
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  9. oh but it wont be long :) i gettin wheat fields already :)
  10. Professional Goose Hunters..................

    Need to get rid of the Sept. early season, IMO. I'd rather carry geese in cold weather then in 100 degree temps! :coco:

  11. I'd trade out maybe a week of the early season, but I wouldn't necessarily eliminate it. The first week of early season, we usually drop our fair share. From a greedy aspect, my kids (5 & 7) love to go goose hunting with me, so the warmer temperatures work well for them.

    There are definitely the numbers of geese to support a late (February) season with liberal limits.
  12. I like the early season too. Gives you a chance to knock off the rust, and usually don't have many other hunters around.
  13. I agree. There's just something different about cleaning geese when its 80* out rather than when its 20*.

    But I'll still kill them when its 80*, dont get me wrong.
  14. Virg...what you talking about, you don't even hunt geese. :)
  15. Eliminate what!!?? Im all about extendin the season but you cant take away our 5 limit.. flooded wheat field... corn silage.. straight POUNDIN!! season :) What are ya thinkin??!! :)