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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ChapstickCharlie, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Does anybody on here do this? I found my first cache last weekend. Big fun and a great compliment to outdoor activities.
  2. I have never done it but a friend of mine does. He says it's a lot of fun to search for the items.

  3. I have a patient that does this nearly every weekend. He said to be sure and bring your wife along or someone may try to show you their geocash!
  4. I have never heard of this what is it??
  5. Is this the one where someone will put a box of items in an undisclosed location and then you go search until you find it?? I've seen some of this stuff on T.V. How does it work????
  6. Yes, that's it...clues are given and GPS coordinates given. Utilizing both will help you reach the goodies.
  7. Rowdy


    GPS is how it works. You can get the general locations and GPS info on Geocache websites.

    This game is was designed by a man named Bobby D. Geocache, legend has it that he never found any easter eggs when he was little. Then after he was old enough to realize the easter bunny wasnt real, he snapped. He went on a rampage killing every rabbit in eastern Kentucky. Then he wrote a suicide letter and posted it on hundreds of telephone poles. In the letter were directions to where his body would be found. He was found in the middle of Yellow Stone National Forest tucked inside of a huge plastic egg. Its a truely sad story.
  8. I've never really done it, i've gotten close to several places... My friend used to do it a lot, dunno if he still does or not. When you purchase a GPS you have to bye one that has the Geocash thing available on it. Then you can download the spot on your GPS via cable, print out the intructions/clues and go look for it. Sounds like a lot of fun!!! I don't have the website with me here at work, but i'll try to get you the link when I get on the puter at home..


  9. The website is You do not need a special GPS unit for doing it, you only need a regular one that shows longitude and lattitude which I think they all do.

    On the website they list the locations of the caches by longitude and latitude coordinates.. If you type in your zip code or they name of your town you will get a list of the caches near your area. Last I looked there are over 280,000 of them around. They come in all forms and include clues to find them and different levels of play. We tried for an easy one and it was fun and challenging. You get outdoors, maybe travel to new parks and places, and you don't need a license or have to rent a cart. It is becoming quite social. If you find a cache and want to take something as a souvenier, the proper ettiquette is to put something in its place. More later.
  10. Rowdy


    Plus, its not like finding a treasure...when you find the cache you take something out of it that you can use, but you put something back in it that may be useful to someone else. Its kinda cool.

    I worked with a guy that did this nearly every weekend, he walked 2 miles into Hoosier National Forest for his grand prize (a set of fingernail clippers) but he left a pocket knife in its place. He said he has found some pretty cool things though, old knives, old magazines ect.
  11. True or not, that's funny....I don't care who ya are!
  12. Rowdy


    oh its true...very true

    I think...:)
  13. changes in latitudes

    Here is the funniest part about this hobby. Whenever they have a get together, they don't tell you where it is, they only give you the coordinates!! Oh yeah, I am looking for a pizza restaurant by longitude and latitude! starve my ass off.
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