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Getting the Big Water Boat(s) Ready

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Well, I took my SeaStar up to the canvas shop yesterday to get the Rain cover put on it, and to get the drop curtain repaired. Once that's done she'll be on her way to her slip in St. Joe Mich.

I'm repairing a downrigger right now, that bumped a dock as we came in last fall with inexperienced (helpers???) people on board, but the folks at Big Jon have proven themselves to be very helpful!

Last Saturday we started up the small boat (the one listed for sale in the classifieds) for a couple of guys from Michigan City, and she fired right up just like she has every year since I've owned her. If she doesn't sell by Good Friday I'll have her out on the Big Lake in Michigan City trolling for Coho...:bouncy:

It's that line in Field of dreams..." Is this Heaven???"

:help: Help, I'm fishing and I can't stop.......

Tight Lines to you all!

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