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Giant Puffballs

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by JohnSmiles, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Anyone here know of a decent way to cook these?
    I found several last year, and brought one home.
    I had not bothered with them in years, and felt I would give it one more shot.
    Same ol same ol.
    I have tried them in the past, and while they are edible when they are solid white through to the core, they really have very little taste.
    I have tried frying, different batters, and even adding them to sauce.
    I just can't get any real flavor out of them.
    Any suggestions?

    C'mon April!
  2. Nope, all I know is there fun to smash against trees. Sorry for my ignorrance

  3. Hey they're fun to shoot too!...sorry. I dont know how to cook them but I do have a friend who does and can get back to you tomorrow with a way to cook them.
  4. I have chopped them up and put them in spaghetti. But you are right -breaded and fried the mushroom doesn't have a lot of taste
  5. There is another one called hen-o-the-woods that my brother finds in the fall while out trail riding down in Brown Co.
    They are a bit more flavorful.

    I have often heard of beefsteaks, but never tried them.
    I was told they are very hard to find.
    Must be, as I never have.
  6. Thanks!
  7. i dont really like the puffballs (altho i will eat gem-studded, pear shaped, and spiny every once in awhile) im assuming ya talkin bout giant puffs .... i have tried em battered, sauteed, etc .... if ya gonna eat em id suggest cookin up in butter as this will add to the flavor
  8. as far as the hen of the woods ... they are one of the best edible shrooms ya can find in my opinion .... and it doesnt take many to accumulate weight to your shroom bag !! keep your eye out for oyster shrooms when the weather breaks and starts to warm .... i pick this type of shroom all year long and is one of the better varieties as far as taste and texture .... good luck !