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Gills and Crappie / Snow Lake

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by ice dude, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. People have been catching 10+" gills and 12+" crappie out of Snow lake for the past week. Mostly along the north shore by the channels of north snow bay, and the east shore. out susspended off the breaks.
  2. Talked to a buddy of mine who fished Coldwater lake. They took home 60 pan fish between the three of them. Caught Redears, Hybrid gills, pumpkinseeds, and a few yellow perch. According them, the bite was really good.

    Pan fisherman, it's time to get out.

  3. here are some pics

    Here are a couple of pictures of those snow lake gills . the first one is a 10" er and the other is 9" we had one that went about 11" but i didnt get the picture before we threw the fish back. We had 40 or so that would have been good cleaners. they all went back in the lake.


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  4. thank you but them pictures will be better when there is ice behind those fish in stead of carpet.