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Gill's bitin'

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by treehugger, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Last night my Dad told me him and his fishin' bud caught 50 huge gills last Thursday (2/16) morning on jigs and grub worms...caught 'em all in just over an hour fishing from the bank in a local strip pit. That was the day it was real warm and the tornado went through Terre Haute later that night. Retirement does have it's priviliges...way to go Dad!!! :biggrin:
  2. sweet fresh fish mmnmnmm:fish: :bowdown: wheres the beer batter

  3. were you invited for supper? lol
  4. heck no! guess that's why he waited to tell me last night...:mad:
  5. treehugger that's the way some of my friends are to. Here is what they say, WOW I tryed to call but you were not at home or it way to late to call. The thing is they tell me this about 2 weeks later.
  6. man i culd gorge myself sick on gill fellets right now !!
  7. Gorge on 'gills.

    Yeah, What he said.....
  8. i see you are from ' patoka and west boggs?
  9. Tree,

    I fish Patoka and Boggs several times a year, only for Bass though. Boggs seems to be a lake where you catch alot of 14-18 bass.

    Patoka is getting better each year. I used to fish a lot of bass tournaments at Patoka and you were starting to need 18 pounds or better to consistently win or be in the top 5 each tournament with a 5 fish limit.
  10. Crappie

    Has anyone been crappie fishing this week or recently at all? I am hoping to go Saturday after our annual butchering session and then all day on Sunday.

    Any suggestions on lures (minnows, 1/16 or 1/32 jigs, colors, etc.)?
  11. Josh,just got done filleting 41 bluegill and crappie,the lake on average is about 6-8 feet deep and we were fishing beemoth on bobber at 1.5 feet.Fished next to brush and in close. Good luck!
  12. Tile...sounds like you were into them today. Did you call in today and tell your boss your were sick with the "bluegill flu" ? I know I feel a "sicker" coming on real soon about the time the temps level off and my boat shows back up in my driveway!!!
  13. Josh...I haven't fished Boggs since they drained it and refurbished it...that tells you how long it's been since I was there. My parents lived in Jasper for about 6 years so I got somewhat familiar with the area down there. I only made it to Patoka once and haven't been back...would sure like to get back down there though. Do you ever fish or hunt out at the Glendale property? There is a lake there that looked pretty awesome and I have read about it in different mags...has a 10 horse limit and some areas with lilly pads...supposed ot be awesome for big gills.
  14. You guys make me jealus talking about all the fishing you do. Seems like I can't find the time to breath sometime!!! Sounds good boys catch some extra ones for me....
  15. Hoyt...let me know sometime when you are going to be in Marshall during fishing weather, we'll go of the best bass lakes around is over there!