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Giving Taxidermists Credit

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bocephus, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. We always look at the deer on the wall, we hear stories about the hunts. Lets compliment our local taxidermist.

    Heres my name drop for the day, J.B. Fox in Franklin, Indiana.
    J.B. has won many awards for his intricate detail and award winning mounts. He started his career in taxidermy in the basement of a house he shared with roomates. J.B. says that there is "customer work" and "compitition work" and that he puts compitition work into every mount that leaves his place. J.B. now has his own shop in Franklin and has done a great job building a client base in Johnson county. No job is too big or small. I think J.B. is one of the best taxidermists in Indiana and if you live near Johnson county and need some work done I reccomend him highly.
  2. I want to add to this, but in another way.

    I meet a lot of taxidermists measuring these trophy deer we all chase, and I must say they are all great in letting me come to their shop, dig through the piles of racks, and measure the ones I think will make their respected record books. It is so much easier to measure an unmounted rack then to wrestle someones prized mount all over a table. They always have names and phone numbers handy, and many times contact the hunter for me. Thanks guys...especially to:

    Tim Pittinger in Columbia City Indiana (Special T Taxidermy)
    Bob and Rob Sutton in Columbia City Indiana (Sutton's Taxidermy)
    Troy Clark in Columbia City Indiana (TXJ Taxidermy)

  3. taxidermy !!

    all taxidermist that take their art a step beyond deserve the credit. being gifted taxidermist is not an easy task. it is an earned gift to want to give and be creative. i say give attributes to your state organizations also such as the indiana taxidermist association as well as others for bringing taxidermy to an art level for those willing to push ahead and advance their craft to an artistic level.
  4. My taxidermist of choice would be:

    Thad Cummins - Brocton, Illinois

    For those of you who live in West Central, Indiana, you might want to check out some of his taxidermy work. Brocton is a little hole in the ground about 15 minutes N-NW of Paris, Illinois!
  5. Taxidermy

    My choice of taxidermists/artists is:

    Tim Woodrow at Woody's Feathered Friends Taxidermy in Kingman, Indiana (Fountain County)
  6. One of the greats would have to be Bart Weddle of Johnson County, he has pretty much put taxidermy behind him due to health reasons but probably one of the nicest guy i've ever met.
  7. I've heard of this guy...a buddy of mine had him do some work for him and really liked what he does. You can't take a deer head from Indiana to Illinois though can you because of CWD?
  8. Taxidermists reeally know how to stuff it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always mount my own. Scooter, thanks for mentioning your loyal and humble apprentice!!!!!
  9. The closest I have come to taxidermy is de-boning deer tails and salting them.
  10. Anthony Moore in Orleans/Paoli, IN has mounted every deer head I have on the walls. He's a youth minister and one heck of a nice guy. He's always willing to sit down and talk about deer and turkey hunting. He does quite a lot of outdoor modeling for Realtree. You've probably seen his "staged" photos in various hunting magazines, and he was even on the cover of Cabela's archery catalog one year.
  11. Thats a nice area, is that where you hunt Madness??
  12. I've hunted some near Orleans in Orange County (even took a P&Y buck there in '97), but haven't much in the last few years. Maybe once every year or so I'll hunt a few miles south of the Shirley Creek trailhead on a small pocket of public land which no one seems to know is public.

    99% of the time though is spent hunting private land near my home in Springville here in Lawrence County. All the farms in my area are cattle operations. I can count on one hand all the crop fields within a 5-mile radius of my home. None of the farms I hunt have crops. I've been very fortunate to secure permission to hunt basically 360 degrees around my home.

    There is one farm directly in front of my home that allows NO hunting. This has become a sanctuary for big bucks. But don't you worry, I have the property surrounded, as I have permission to hunt the farms on all sides. Any buck going in or out has to cross property I can hunt. :biggrin:
  13. Thom Burns Taxidermist, best deer mount I have ever seen, best fish, best birds
  14. Jerry Alcorn Taxidermy in Tilton, IL - near Danville, IL. He's done 2 nice largemouth bass mounts for me. About September I'll tell you about Whitetail Impressions for deer taxidermy.