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Hello all, my name is Steve, 55 y.o. male, and a stroke survivor, wheelchair bound but still alive and kickin'. Live in cloverdale, indiana just south of greencastle.
I always thought i was born about 150 years too late, wanted to be davy crockett as a young person. got really involved in anything outdoor related. loved to hunt, fish, trap, genseng and mushroom hunting, hogging turtles, you name it, i was in for it. I still would love to be able to do it all again. My dad [who was my best friend] and I raised registered beagles which we field trialed all over the country. of course we had to have bird dogs and **** hounds too, so dogs were always a big part of my life. Dad was a cement contractor which gave lots of opportunities for traveling from one project to the next. Mom once said that in 39 years of marriage they moved 36 times. We did move alot, but dad always provided us with the best, it was just a part of life and we didn't think it odd. I followed him into the business and worked at that for over 20 years in partnership with Dad. After his retirment i just burned out on it, decided to go back to school and attended Louisville Tech, graduated with a degree in Marine Technology and went into the boat & repair business.
I think it was an excuse to go fishing, lol!!
Worked at that for 8 years in Corpus Christi, Tx., 2 yrs. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. and finally 8 yrs. in Aurora, Ky. on Ky. Lake, it was heaven. Belonged to several bass clubs, chased those bucketmouths many hours, but my real affection was in fishing for crappie, bluegill and catfish. nothing more relaxing!! While in Texas
I discovered reds and specks with the occasional shark, too much fun, and in florida i got to catch snook and peacock bass, a real locomotive i'll tell ya!

Been married and divorced 3 times, never did well in captivity, have one daughter married in greencastle with 3 grandkids [2 natural, one step], and a great son in law.
I am a fortunate man! :bowdown:

Since my stroke in late 99 i have not been active at all. my 8 yr. old grandson, Jonas, talks about fishing all the time, so I decided this is to be the year for reclaiming that part of my life. My sig. other has CP and is also wheelchair bound and dearly loves to fish, so I have plenty of incentive to make it happen. So I thought, what the heck, why not form a group of like minded people? Can't hurt to try, right? So far I have been in contact with several outstanding folks who have offered their support in many ways. Apathy in the general population aside, this may fly afterall, I certainly hope so. My main concern now, is that I have turned into a fair weather outdoorsman, I suffer from an affliction I call FMBO, [freeze my butt off], lol, thanks to all the meds i'm on. Seems that 70 degrees or above is the magic number.
I'm 15 minutes from cataract here in cloverdale, so lets go fishin"! I also want to hit west boggs and greene-sullivan too this spring. Been told about access spots on cecil harden and raccoon so they are in the works maybe. but I certainly am looking forward to this year for getting out. Hope to see you all on the water, tite lines, steve :fish:

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Steve, that was one of the best self introductions I have ever had the pleasure to read.
Its great to see a member share so much of himself. Sure makes a person feel like they already know you. :)

If you ever decide to head towards the Muncie, New Castle or Brookville area for some fishing, give me a shout. I would enjoy wetting a line with you sometime. Or would be nice to just lay an eye ball on another member. I often fish the above mentioned areas.
I live in Muncie so, I fish Prairie creek, Summit lake and Brookville pretty often.

I'm retired with a bad heart and diabetes, so about all I do is fish and make the wife mad at me. LOL.

Any hoo, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your introduction.

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Great to have you with us!! I hunt deer down that way - in Southern Parke county, beautiful country - some of the prettiest in Indiana! If you can think of anything that the Indiana Sportsman can do to help get fishing going for physically impared folks let me know and we'll try to help out.:)
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