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Glued to the chair...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by rico, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. I dont know about the rest of ya. But I just cant seem to get any fishing done, what with the World Cup Soccer thing going on! I am just stuck to my chair watching Portugal vs. Iran!:evilsmile Anybody else affixated by this tremendous sport? USA....USA.....USA......Oh it brings back memories of the 1980 winter Olympics!!!!! USA....USA.....USA...maybe I should go fishing after all!:coco:
  2. I know exactly what you mean rico...the same thing happened to me last night...go fishing or watch the Stanley Cup guessed it, I couldn't tear myself away from the Stanley Cup. :banghead3

  3. Yea, that is a tough one!!!!! Good thing there wasnt a soccer game on, I might have missed that hockey game! Hockey and soccer, it just dont get any better than that!!!!!:(
  4. Wow you guys have to much time on your hands or just need to get out of the house. Fishing or hockey or soccer WOW there no choice FISHING FISHING. Next thing you know it will be hunting or the world series and I know which one you two will be doing. Myself I will be Hunting and Fishing.
  5. USA....USA....USA......World Series?......Now that is an American game, now I might really watch a few of those games. Gotta run....the NBA Finals are on!:evil:
  6. wow rico. from some of your past fishing succeses i would never let soccer win out.
  7. But it is such a delightful sport to watch. Spend three hours glued to the set to watch a 1-1 tie!!!!!!!!
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  8. no time, huh

    you both sound like you might be interested in joining my wifes basket club.
    let me know i'll pull a couple extra chairs out of the garage for you.:evilsmile
  9. Don't forget to add the beautiful Hollywood acting jobs each time a player is fouled!!
  10. Soccer? Fish on, Rico!!!!!!

    Soccer? Isn't that the sport that the countries who suck in football, basketball, and baseball play? Although it would kind of be cool if we could take that sport over too. Probably won't happen anytime soon though. Did you guys know that a Ft. Wayne kid is on Team U.S.A??
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  11. Not until this world cup thing is over with, then I will be looking for something exciting to do!!!!:evil:
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  12. Yes, that is the sport!!!!!:evilsmile And the kid would be Demarcus Beasley. They talk about him all the time on the Ft. Wayne news.
  13. If all you guys are going to do is talk about soccer on this thread, I'm going to go back to viewing the endless threads about The Boss:evilsmile
  14. OK, that does it. No more deer hunting for me. I am now anti-OBR too. I have met all my lifelong goals, the last one becoming a Charter Member of this beloved site. No more pictures or comments about The Boss ever again....yeah right!!! :dizzy: :evil: :cheeky-sm :yikes:
  15. I just dont get it!!!! The rest of the world loves this sport! No wonder we have to always bail them out militarily! Glad this only happens once every four years or I would have to disconnect my cable!!! It is bad when you tune onto ESPN and all you hear is......GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Which, of coarse, makes the score 1-0. When does the football season start? Can they move it up a month or two?:banghead3