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Go Colts!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Terry Bradshaw lived a long and healthy life and then died.
    At the gates of Heaven he was greeted by St. Peter.
    St.Peter said "Welcome Terry", then led him to a small modest home.
    The house was small and had a faded Steelers flag in the window.
    "This is your home Terry, feel fortunate because everyone here does
    not get a house."
    Felling greatful Terry looked around, about that time he saw a huge
    three story mansion on the corner.
    It had a huge 50 ft. pole with a huge Colts banner, blue and white
    brick horseshoe driveway. Colts emblems in every window.
    Terry scratched his bald head and said, "St. Peter....not to sound
    ungreatful....but I was a pro bowler, won four Superbowls, and was in the Hall of Fame. Why does Peyton Manning get a house like that???"
    St. Peter just chuckled and said, thats not Peytons house.....its Gods."
  2. I hope they win tomorrow. Go Horse!!!

  3. maybe next year.... boy its gets old saying that
  4. I love em like i love hunting but they sure do know to hurt me year after year
  5. it's just getting really ridiulous to have such a great team every year and see them SUCK like this when it counts. So many things could have gone differently. First...there's no reason they should have taken that much time off...that was just stupid. Second, what was the O-line doing letting Peyton get sacked 5 times in one game. Also, very seldom do you lose a game where you have no turnovers and the other team have 2. Why didn't Jackson go to the sideline? It was like he wanted to get tackled. That was a touchdown if he goes right. And last, Vandy get paid to do one thing and one thing only...KICK FIELD GOALS! He doesn't even have to kick off and he can't make a field goal to tie the game. :bonk: He's the biggest choke artist of them all. Just look at past games. Oh well...maybe next year. :dizzy: :banghead3 :mad:
  6. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Man that was a tough loss guys.