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Go North to Fish?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Looked in the and they are saying from about the middle of the Lower Peninsula north they have fishable ice. Can't go this weekend because I'm stuck here on Sunday. Maybe next weekend? Anyone have any good contacts up North that know where the fish are biting? :confused:
    I always buy a year round Michigan fishing license.:coolgleam
  2. ice

    there is still a little ice around me, still some guys crappie fishing on wixom
    lake, (put edenville, mi in yahoo for location)
    i haven't had great luck there. you guys would laugh at the
    size of the gills i end up cleaning up here. nothing like adams/sylvan/james.
    honestly a 7.5" fish looks like a hog after catching 50 between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. i would guess there is still 6" of ice on wixom. but i haven't
    been on it in a week. if i was down there this weekend, i would
    be looking for open channels to fish with an ultralight and ice fly under a

  3. where is wixom? and some michigan license info please........
  4. I bet a license for you Rico would be $500.00 for 1 day. LOL. Besides all ya would catch is a Cisco LMAO. Ill be nice now sorry Rico, you got it as bad as i do??
  5. Found this today from Cadillac, MI, I have stayed there before, not real fancy but ok, nice folks

    Wixom is near Detroit, I doubt the ice is still good there:rolleyes:




    TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2006

    Warm temperatures and a day of rain has changed the ice conditions. Expect to find 3 to 6 inches of ice depending on where you are. We're still fishing! Recommendation! Wear creepers--the ice is very slippery without snow. Use a spud to check the ice depths where ever you go.
    Pike fishing has been great! Lots and lots of pike, many over 30 inches. See several photos this week. Remember these pictures are only of those who take the time to show us their catch. How many are there on our lakes that we don't see. Soo far the largest to beat was 39 inches. Both lakes have been good using golden shiners, suckers or grays.
    Panfish reports have been limited. Some good catches of crappie and gills. Everyone doing well tells the same story - they are suspending 5 or 6 feet below the ice. Many are making the mistake of fishing the bottom foot and aren't catching much. Those who have cameras and can find green weeds have no trouble limiting out.
    A few walleyes were taken but the hot spots are being kept secret.
    Spearing Season opens January 1st. Don't forget to enter our Spearing Contest. No registration fee and some nice prizes for the winners. New category this year for "other" legal species Sucker and Bowfin. Lots of anticipation this year prior to opening day. Guys are itching to get a spear in the water.
    We have live sucker decoys and artificial decoys ready to go as well as Richards Custom Spears.
    Smelt fishermen are waiting patiently. It will be a while. Crystal and Higgins are still open water while Green has a light crust on it--not safe.
    Bring in you fish.
    Pictures are better than our reports.
  6. Going North Could be Okay!

    If you're like me, now brings the best out of my "chicken nature!" I need some good 4-5" ice. With that in mind, my thoughts are that you would need to head about 2/3 of the way up Lower Mich to find any acceptable ice. A few notes:
    1. The most accurate&up-to-date reports I've found are by going through Right now, if perch/walleye would be your "flavor' as far as Saginaw Bay watch the reports on places from Bay City northward. This incl. Linwood, White's Beach & Palmer Rd. It's the darndest thing, you can catch perch in close in water a foot to 3' deep, usually early in the day when baitfish are roaming around. They still say fair ice right now.
    2. Another resource to check would be to phone a large, tackle place just north of Bay City called, Frank's (989-697-5341.) They actually have a fishing report hotline.
    3. Inland locations? A. Wixom Lake might still be okay. It is not near Detroit but n/nw of Midland, MI. It's hard to explain, but it's a long, slender lake that is part of the Titibawassee River chain. North of Midland the river becomes part of a long, slender lake called Sanford Lake. North of that it flows as a river again about 5 miles before it becomes Wixom Lake, again a long, slender lake. B. Another lake to consider is about an hour nw of Midland, called Houghton Lake. It is the largest inland lake in Mich & has all species minus trout while having numerous bays & channels. I'm not sure when it is, but it has to be coming up soon - Houghton has a major fishing festival called "Tipup Town." They do things up "royally" with hundreds of fisherman showing up. You might check on the web about this. Travel time to these areas would be a minium of 3-4 hours. Hope I didn't gab too long and that this gives you some ideas.
  7. Yet One More Word on the "North"

    Sorry, I forgot one point on Frank's. They also have a website that's quite interesting & does have a fishing report although the website report isn't updated as regularly - Now I'll be quiet!
  8. Thanks for the great input! I guess I should use my mapquest more often:redface: The best solution to all of this would be some cold weather! Saturday it was so bad I even worked on cleaning up the basement:rolleyes: :)
  9. Same Disease

    I've had the same "clean up" disease for over a week. Mine started with Christmas decorations & then the garage. The wife loves it! I did get to reworking some ice rods I haven't touched in a couple of years. Trouble is they may need to stay ready until next winter - The weather looks horrible the next week for us "icers." - Up to the 40's w/rain&t-storms! Am 1/2 tempted to pull out a boat, go light & just jig over the edge. PS. The cabin fever is BAD!
  10. too lazy to look it up...what about an out of state license? 3-10 day? by the way jigginstick, i would settle for a cisco right about now coming through the ice!!!!!
  11. You can find Michigan fishing license information here.

    It looks like your only options are a 24 hour license for $7, or a year for $34 ($42 if you want to add trout and salmon).
  12. Thank You...loading Up The Truck Right Now!!!!!!!!
  13. Did you guys ever eat a cisco? They are great to eat, a lot like a little whitefish. Smoked, fried, baked or broiled :) I caught them one time up in South Manistique Lake in the Upper Peninsula throught the ice.
  14. Funny that you talk about eating a cisco... I live on Crooked Lake in Whitley County and it has a fairly large concentration of them. I've only eaten them three or four times, but we've smoked a lot of them. Fun to catch if they're over 14 inches. We have NO ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Cisco have disappeared from many northern Indiana Lakes because of declining water quality. Having them in your lake is a good sign for the water there.