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Gobbler Photos!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by JoeBow, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Okay, so I know the spring season is still a ways off, but I just can't help but start thinking about all those toms. Anybody else have some gobbler photos they're willing to share? C'mon now, it's time for some bragging rights! This is the first bird I'd ever taken. It was a real special hunt to me because I actually called him away from a hen somehow. I took a risky forty-five shot at him and dropped him. Man I've learned a lot since then


  2. Here's my baby brother's first bird. He hot him the first time I ever took him. It was a great experience. At one point, we had some hens come in on the decoys. One hen got so close to my brother, he could have reached out and bumped her with his gun. I really don't know who was more excited, him or me!

  3. maybe two toms this year..

    :) :) hey indyhunter, thats" a great shot of you and your turkey, good luck in missouri and indiana this upcoming 2005 season....outdoorsman
  4. Heres my 1st and only bird kill. Took these on our 3rd trip out in 2002. That was my 3rd time ever! WE pulled a double on these jakes. 1 14lb. the other 15lb. Im on the turkey huntin buddy brad on the left. Last year i blew it..this year is revenge!

  5. There's the attitude I like to hear! Man, I went four years before I took my first bird. The first time I ever went my buddy took me. We had this tom gobblin his head off about a quarter mile away. Since I was green I was only concentrated on him. Next thing I know, I've got five jakes ten yards away from me who came in silent, and no shot. Anyway, here's the bird I took last year. The first morning, I had him and two others come in just out of range who took off with some hens. The second day, I took my buddy and a video camera. We had em gobbling and then they found the hens before us so we decided to go stalking. Obviously, we found em. I got in position and he came right to me. No calling or anything... just happened to be at the right place at the right time. He weighed 25 lbs, and was sporting a 12 inch beard and spurs like I've never seen. Best part was, it was all on video. Sorry the picture is so bad. Better ones on the way.

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  6. Niiiiice guys,This will be my fourth season.I have yet to kill!!!Had some shoulda coulda's,but I'm pretty green.I don't have turkeys close by so I drive to brookville(hour and 45 mins)to hunt.Kinda sucks but I want a bird!!!!Any tips for a birdless hunter?
  7. Thing a lot of guys have problems w/ and i catch myself doin it also. Is whena bird gobbles at every call u make....u want to keep calling just to get him to gobble because its cool :biggrin: BUT...if hes comin ur way...let him keep comin..when he stops is when you let him know ur still there. Just keep tryin man...turkey huntin is fun because its hard. Dont have to call to much especially if u have a visual (decoy). Oh....and birdless is better than watching him fly away after you pulled the trigger :hide:
  8. The absolute key to a successful turkey hunt is to make that gobbler hunt you! Noble is totally got it. My first couple of years, I read every article and watched every video I could get me hands on. It sure is hard not to keep on cuttin' when that tom is coming in strong though! The biggest problem I have is starting calling too early. When I locate em' on the roost, I have a really bad habit of calling too much before the fly down. And another thought, with season just over a month away, is it going to warm up so we can have some green around?!
  9. Joe i got some ?'s for ya. How much DO u call when there gobblin on the roost. In the past i havent talked at all but im thinkin i need too since they shut up when they hit the ground. do you know (if you dont hear him) when he fly's down? I never know when to start calling im afraid sometimes i wait too long or sometims too early. Also...has evening hunting (3-5) ever been successful for you?
  10. Good ?'s NB...........Joebow knows turkeys!?:cool:
  11. I start with just a few soft clucks early off, just to let em know I'm there. If I don't get a response, I usually get a little bit louder. Don't start any hardcore yelps. I'm gonna be honest with ya though, I have an edge. Both the my hotspots for birds just happen to be near train tracks so when that whistle blows, I can usually get a shock gobble before the fly down. If you can't hear them fly down, you just have to listen really carefully. Pinpoint the area where the roost is, then start listening to fluxuations in the gobble next time you hear it. You should be able to tell if the bird has moved or not. As far as evening hunts, I don't like them. I stick to the morning mainly because I work pretty much every afternoon. I have buddies who have taken birds at any time of the day. One of my good friends took a beautiful tom a couple years back about 5 pm. In that situation, he didn't need to call. There were ten birds, 3 toms 7 hens in a field and he stalked. By the way boys, less than a month to opener now!!!